Steve Perry Releases His First Music Video In 25 Years

Steve Perry Releases His First Music Video In 25 Years | I Love Classic Rock Videos

A glimpse of Steve Perry’s MV of We’re Still Here - @steveperrymusic / Instagram

Former Journey frontman Steve Perry surprised the music industry by releasing the first music video for his comeback album in nearly 25 years. Perry entered the band in 1977 in a sound check session, and eventually led the group to rock superstardom, with the late 1970s proving to be a successful upward trend of Journey’s career.

Come the 1980s, the band took to greater heights when the album Escape became a platinum bestseller as soon as it was released, which was quite impressive when you factor in that the recording sessions and production took a meager period of 3 months. The album contained the iconic Journey songs such as Don’t Stop Believin’, Open Arms, and Who’s Crying Now, all of them solid top-ten hits on the charts. Fast forward to Journey’s disbandment in 1987 and his eventual quitting at 1998 where he was riddled with his medical condition and the constant gnawing of how his bandmates became were becoming hard to deal with.

Steve Perry became the Amelia Earhart of the rock music industry, nowhere to be seen or heard on the music scene’s radar. Perry did his best to attract as little attention as possible, avoiding the media, shying away from fans, while rumors and speculations around him grew, each account up the ranks of ridiculousness. He let all of this slide and preferred the shushed life that he now lived. Perry kept at it for a good 20 years or so before resurfacing again for a comeback album that ever so suddenly awakened the slumbered interests of Journey fans.

Traces, his first album in the span of 24 years, has had its song “We’re Still Here” baptized with its first music video. Here, Perry can be seen night driving through Hollywood streets with various scenes of empathy, impulsiveness and peace depicted. Perry, evidently aged, belts the same sentiments as 30 years ago with his now richer and grittier vocal tone. The music video evokes nostalgia of Perry and Journey’s better days, and declares in a defiant note that the music is clearly still there.