Steve Howe Reveals There Was A “Hellish Side” Of Yes’ Rock Hall Induction

Steve Howe Reveals There Was A “Hellish Side” Of Yes’ Rock Hall Induction | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Steve Howe, the esteemed guitarist of progressive rock band Yes, has shed light on the less glamorous aspects of the band’s induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2017. In a recent interview, Howe hinted at the difficulties surrounding the event without delving into specific details. Additionally, he addressed the possibility of previous band members, including singer Jon Anderson, returning to the lineup in the future. As fans await Yes’ latest album, “Mirror to the Sky,” Howe’s revelations offer insight into the complex dynamics of the band and their induction experience.

The Unveiling of Yes’ “Hellish Side”

In an interview with Classic Rock, Steve Howe described a “hellish side” to Yes’ Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction. When asked about the event, Howe replied:

“The further I go from it, the more speechless I get about those couple of days. There’s much I could tell you, but I’m not going to. Basically, there was a hellish side to it. It was like skating on ice, but you’ve never skated before. I don’t want to decry it, but there were problems.”

Conflicting Dynamics and Unresolved Resentments

Howe revealed that “there was a bit of pushing and shoving going on. It was very unusual – the Union lineup had been selected, and it was fortunate that [original keyboard player] Tony Kaye was on that tour. Some people got their due respect and others didn’t.”

These comments suggest tensions and conflicts among the band members during the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction.

Regarding the possibility of former members returning to the lineup, Howe expressed his reservations based on past experiences. He stated:

“Sometimes I might have thought, ‘Well, one day maybe,’ and one never wants to say never, but basically I can’t see it. I’m not going to take a sudden load on my back that I either don’t need or want. My music’s always guided me, and it’s not telling me to do those things. It’s telling me to go forwards.”

The Future of Yes and Personal Contentment

Howe’s contentment with the current lineup and his admiration for Jon Anderson were evident in his statement:

“I love Jon. I’m a lot older now, and so is he, [but] the only terms I work on is that I’m happy working on this. … It’s great to have this live and vibrant Yes.”

Steve Howe’s revelations regarding Yes’ Rock Hall induction provide a glimpse into the challenges and conflicts the band faced during that significant event. While specific details were not disclosed, Howe’s description of a “hellish side” and the presence of tensions shed light on the difficulties encountered. Moreover, his comments on the potential return of former band members highlight his contentment with the current lineup and his focus on moving forward. As fans anticipate the release of Yes’ latest album, “Mirror to the Sky,” the band’s live and vibrant legacy continues to evolve.