Steve Hackett Criticizes Former Genesis Bandmates

Steve Hackett Criticizes Former Genesis Bandmates | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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For any true Genesis fan, the band’s internal dynamics have always held a certain mystique. But in a recent interview with The Telegraph, guitarist Steve Hackett has pulled back the curtain, revealing a story of creative clashes and competitive tension that simmered beneath the surface of their groundbreaking music.

Hackett sheds light on the challenges he faced during his tenure with Genesis, painting a picture of a band where individual egos sometimes overshadowed the collective good.

But beyond the personal struggles, Hackett’s insights offer a valuable glimpse into the making of musical history. His critique delves into the very essence of what made Genesis tick, exposing the intricate interplay of personalities that fueled their innovative sound. So, buckle up, music lovers, as we delve into the untold story of Genesis through the eyes of one of its most critical (and arguably, most talented) members.

“I was joining a team that… would often try to unseat each other’s ideas”

While proud of their “knockout team” years together, Hackett’s recent interview exposes an unexpected side to Genesis. The guitarist sheds light on a surprisingly competitive dynamic within the band, particularly regarding his exclusion from the 2022 reunion tour.

Describing them as a “strange band,” Hackett elaborates: “They ask you, and then when you say yes, they say… Surplus to requirements.” This competitive edge, he reveals, went beyond mere creative differences.

“I hadn’t realized I was joining a team that was very competitive and would often try to unseat each other’s ideas.” His vision of a collaborative haven, a “songwriters’ co-operative”, clashed with the reality of internal rivalries.

These revelations cast a new light on Genesis’ history, prompting questions about the personal dynamics that fueled their iconic music.

“Competitiveness was bred into them”

In digging deeper into the band’s dynamic, the guitarist offered an intriguing explanation for the competitive spirit: their unique educational backgrounds. He drew attention to the band members attending Charterhouse, a prestigious private school known for its rigorous environment.

“They’d known each other since they were 11,” he explained, implying a long-standing dynamic. “I think they were privileged but brutalized. That system was designed to produce the next viceroy of India, the next prime minister, and competitiveness was bred into them.”

This perspective suggests that the band’s internal struggles weren’t merely personal clashes, but echoes of a system designed to instill ambition and dominance.

By comparing their upbringing to a brutalizing environment focused on producing leaders, Hackett points out the competitive mindset ingrained in the very fabric of their lives.

The restriction towards his creative freedom was the reason behind Steve’s departure

In a September 2023 interview with The Metal Voice, Steve revisited a critical moment in his career – leaving Genesis. His words reveal a disillusionment with the band’s dynamic, a shift from the collaborative spirit he initially embraced to a more restrictive environment.

“I thought I joined a democracy, a songwriters’ collective,” he reminisced. “I left a band that was becoming a dictatorship.”

He pinpoints a specific incident that fueled his departure: “I think that when I was told by Mike [Rutherford]and Tony [Banks] that I could no longer do solo work, the hackles rose there.” This, according to Hackett, was a blatant attempt to control songwriting and creative direction, a stark contrast to the band he envisioned.

Whether this fully reflects the band’s experience remains open to interpretation. However, Hackett’s candid insight sparks a fascinating discussion about artistic collaboration, power dynamics, and the evolution of creative partnerships.

Still, Steve hasn’t close his doors on a reunion

Despite the complexities and tensions within Genesis, Steve hasn’t slammed the door on a potential reunion.

Even after his departure and the apparent closing chapter marked by the 2020 “final show” with Phil Collins, Mike Rutherford, and Tony Banks, the guitarist has held onto a glimmer of hope for a future collaboration.

In past discussions, particularly following the 2020 performance, Hackett has openly expressed his desire to rejoin the band. This openness suggests a potential willingness to bridge the divides and address past issues. Perhaps time has softened the edges, allowing for a more conciliatory approach.

These questions remain unanswered, leaving the possibility of a Genesis reunion hanging in the balance. Whether or not it ever materializes, Hackett’s openness offers a glimpse into the enduring power of music and the potential for reconciliation, even after years of separation and differing paths.