Slash Reveals His Favorite The Who Album

Slash Reveals His Favorite The Who Album | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Slash and his favorite Gibson Les Paul - Getty Images

Famous for his admiration of Aerosmith and his prior introduction to music via stars like David Bowie, Slash also credits The Who for providing inspiration for his sound. Slash’s early musical development included influences from Britain’s fiercest bunch of hard rockers, and one album, in particular, was a significant influence on the young guitarist.

Back in 2010, Slash revealed his adoration for the group and told the one album he considers his favorite: “I always loved The Who anyway, all the way up until [Who’s Next]. That record really had a sort of style to it that had a big influence on songwriting for me and my sort of approach to rhythm guitar. It’s just an overall, one of the best rock records ever.”

It was only as Pete Townshend’s original rock opera project, Lifehouse, was beginning to unravel that The Who’s renowned 1971 album was released. Townshend and producer Glyn Johns salvaged what they could by taking eight songs written for the original album and reworking them to fit without the story of the rock opera, and instead releasing them as Who’s Next. With the addition of John Entwistle’s song “My Wife,” the group completed one of the best hard rock albums ever.