See Dio Debut As A Hologram

See Dio Debut As A Hologram | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Ronnie James Dio - Ann Summa/Getty Images

Considered as one of the heavy metal scene’s top vocalists, Ronnie James Dio has fronted legendary bands like Black Sabbath, Rainbow, and his very own Dio. His death in 2010 was a big loss for the music industry. And while fans have been missing him, his widow Wendy Dio has plans to bring Ronnie back to the world of the living.

Well, not really. Wendy Dio has been behind the creation of her late husband’s hologram, and has been teased in various footages recently. Back in March of 2018, Wendy has reported about the progress of Dio’s hologram, and how she has been very critical about how the end product should look like.

It was a good test, we did very well, but there’s things I need to perfect on Ronnie. I’m really very critical,” Wendy details her supervisory role. “I need to perfect his face a little bit more — his eyes and his eyebrows are not quite right to me. So we’re back on the drawing board right now. And we’re hoping it will go out again probably the beginning of next year, and we will hit Canada and America. But it has to be right first.

Eyelusion is behind the technical know-hows of the hologram and have since announced that the hologram will be having over a hundred appearances for 2019. The holographic Dio will be touring with the Dio Disciples, but the band’s main singers Tim “Ripper” Owens and Oni Logan will be expected to join as well, to fill out the performances that hologram Dio will not be part of.

Ronnie James Dio battled stomach cancer but eventually succumbed to it in 2010 at the age of 67. Widow Wendy Dio has since then established the Ronnie James Dio Stand Up and Shout Cancer Fund. Beneficiaries of the foundation are medical and research facilities, aiming to improve early detection of symptoms of colon, prostate, and stomach cancers.