Sebastian Bach Explains How He Almost Sang For Velvet Revolver

Sebastian Bach Explains How He Almost Sang For Velvet Revolver | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Imagine a world where Skid Row’s soaring vocals met the thunderous riffs of Slash, Duff McKagan, Matt Sorum, and Dave Kushner. Nearly two decades ago, this alternate universe almost came to be.

Sebastian Bach recently talked about being considered for the coveted frontman role in Velvet Revolver, the supergroup formed by former Guns N’ Roses members.

While Bach didn’t land the gig, his reaction to the decision is a testament to his sportsmanship and musical understanding.

Sebastian Personified Skid Row So Much

In a recent interview with Kyle Meredith, Bach discussed the sound of his upcoming album, Child Within The Man. When asked if he was aiming for a throwback vibe, Bach acknowledged that his vocals naturally have a certain classic feel.

He then dropped a surprising anecdote: he almost became the frontman for Velvet Revolver before Scott Weiland. Bach explained that Duff McKagan, the band’s bassist, has spoken openly about the decision. “[Duff] will tell you, ‘We wanted Sebastian, but the problem with Sebastian is that you just think of Skid Row when you hear his voice,'” Bach revealed.

Importantly, Bach emphasizes that he didn’t take this as an insult. “It’s true,” he admits. “That’s the way it is.” He seems to understand McKagan’s point – his voice is so strongly associated with Skid Row that it might not have been the right fit for a new project.

“It Wasn’t An Audition”

Back in 2011, when the late Scott Weiland was still with the band, Bach clarified the nature of his involvement with Velvet Revolver. He emphasized it wasn’t a traditional audition process. “It wasn’t an audition,” Bach explained. “I didn’t walk in and sing some songs.”

Instead, he went deeper: “I worked with them for a month or a little over. The guys gave me five songs with no vocals so I wrote lyrics and melodies and then we went into the studio to record it.” This suggests a more collaborative effort, where Bach actively contributed to the songwriting process.

Interestingly, Bach also expressed his openness to joining the band permanently. “Listen, if they had picked me we’d probably still be together right now,” he stated. He positioned himself as a reliable alternative, contrasting his lifestyle with Weiland’s struggles. “I’m a musician like them – I’m not a junkie and not into that kind of thing,” he declared. 

A New Album And A Tour

Last week, on May 10th, Sebastian Bach celebrated the release of Child Within the Man, his first solo album in a decade. This exciting drop coincides with the U.S. leg of his What Do I Got to Lose? Tour.

Bach, a multi-talented artist known for his singing, songwriting, writing, Broadway appearances, and acting roles, is keeping the momentum going with the release of a new single from the album, “Freedom”. A music video for the song is also on the horizon.

In an interview with Rock And Roll Globe, Bach shares the inspiration behind the album’s title. Child Within the Man reflects how rock and roll ignites his youthful spirit. “The excitement, the sound of it, the collecting of it… feels like a magic elixir,” he explains. “Like something you can enjoy that makes you feel like a youth. The spirit of being a little kid. I can’t think of many things that do that in this world.”