Sammy Hagar Finds Out He’s Not Really A Hagar

Sammy Hagar Finds Out He’s Not Really A Hagar | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Renowned rocker Sammy Hagar recently made a revelation that left many fans surprised – turns out, he’s not really a Hagar. Recent DNA tests unveiled a shocking truth about his genetic lineage, indicating no connection to the Hagar family. Instead, Hagar’s DNA aligned with 27 other men bearing the surname Belcher.

In a candid post on his X account

Sammy Hagar, also humorously known as Mr. Belcher lately, addressed the revelation with a calm assurance for his fans:

 “Sammy Hagar here, also known as Mr. Belcher lately. Don’t freak out about this, this is no big deal. This is actually pretty cool because at least I know a little about my past. There’s nothing in the name; you are who you are, and maybe what you call yourself is even more important than what you’re really named.”

Beyond just a different last name, Hagar’s exploration into his family lineage led to the discovery of intriguing secrets. Host Henry Louis Gates, Jr., through thorough research, unveiled that Hagar’s maternal great-grandfather, Giacomo Alessi, was a fruit dealer in New York. However, the revelations took a darker turn when it was disclosed that fruit dealing in the late 19th century had unforeseen dangerous implications.

The Story of His True Name

In 1899, Joseph Alessi, Hagar’s great-grandfather, found himself embroiled in a shootout over a mere $13, resulting in the tragic death of the opposing party. Subsequently, Alessi was sentenced to 12 years in prison.

Hagar’s reaction to these newfound family tales was laced with a touch of humor:

 “They’re mobsters!”

However, the revelation of his true last name seemed to bring a sense of joy to the Van Halen rocker. Expressing his happiness, Hagar stated:

 “I’m so happy to know this. This gives me so much mind-chewing — man, my mind’s gonna work on this like a mouse on a wheel of cheese.”

For fans curious about the details, a video accompanying the post delves into the unexpected twists and turns of Hagar’s family history.

In light of these revelations, Sammy Hagar’s calm demeanor and positive outlook shine through. His acknowledgment that identity goes beyond a name, coupled with a newfound understanding of his family’s past, adds a layer of complexity to the rockstar’s life story.

Ultimately, Sammy Hagar’s exploration of his family’s past is like a lesson – families have unexpected stories, some funny, some a bit dramatic. As he figures out his actual last name and learns about his great-grandpa’s interesting history, Sammy Hagar shows us that being true to ourselves is more important than the names we’re given.

Watch the video posted on his X account below: