Sammy Hagar Denies Offer Rumors For David Gilmour

Sammy Hagar Denies Offer Rumors For David Gilmour | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Sammy Hagar in a 2019 interview - JennyMcCarthyTV / Youtube

Sammy Hagar was in for a pleasant surprise at A&M Studios while he recorded his 9th solo album, I Never Said Goodbye, since Pink Floyd was also there at the same time working on A Momentary Lapse of Reason. Having the opportunity to mingle with Floyd members, Hagar sparked speculation that he and David Gilmour would one day work together. However, Sammy just disclosed to Ultimate Classic Rock that this was not the case.

“He [Gilmour] was never asked to play on the record,” Hagar said directly. Instead, the two merely paired together over their love for wine and their “wine collection.”

Even though Hagar and Pink Floyd’s members shared the same studio once and are also friends, the Red Rocker never approached David Gilmour about playing on one of his records. Though Hagar has never publicly acknowledged Pink Floyd’s influence on him, he is a huge fan of the band’s music.

“If you listen to my Red album, the song ‘Red,’ it’s got all of these changes,” Hagar added. “It goes through all of these [moments]. I’m a prog guy. I have a hard time simplifying things. I like to keep going. They say, ‘Well, you don’t need all of those parts,’ and I’m going, ‘Yeah, I do!’ I’m a Pink Floyd nut.”