Sammy Hagar Again Reached Out To Van Halen – But He Didn’t Get The Response He Wanted

Sammy Hagar Again Reached Out To Van Halen – But He Didn’t Get The Response He Wanted | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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No Water Under This Bridge…

When talking about Van Halen, people often have to specify which era they’re talking about. There’s the David Lee Roth era, and of course there’s the Sammy Hagar era, or as it’s more commonly known, ‘Van-Hagar’. The Van-Hagar era is responsible for some truly amazing music that will live forever in the hearts of classic rock fans, but sadly, people also remember it for having a bad ending.

But since Sammy Hagar departed from Van Halen in 1996, he has still tried very hard to find his way back into the band, or at least make amends with the Van Halen brothers. In fact, this past May 8th, Alex Van Halen’s birthday, Sammy Hagar called Alex to wish him a happy birthday to see how he’s doing. Unfortunately, he didn’t get the response he wanted. In fact, he didn’t get a response at all…

Here is what Anthony had to say about that call during an interview with Eddie Trunk

“I reached out to Al on his 65th birthday on May 8. I sent him a nice text and an e-mail and a phone message, saying, ‘Hey, Sammy here. Missed you, buddy. Hope you’re doing good. Happy birthday. And if you ever wanna get together and talk, be buddies, be friends, here’s my e-mail, here’s my text, and here’s my house phone number…’ Nothing. Oh, and I said, ‘How’s Ed doing? I hope he’s healthy. And give him my love.’ Nothing. Nothing! Ooooh! I mean, that’s, like, wow! I guess no waters went under that bridge. And when I looked at the bridge, it was dry. There’s not a drop that comes down underneath that bridge.”

Man, as much as I just want to say that things will get better between all of the Van-Hagar members, the future just doesn’t look good. This is usually where I’d say to keep your fingers crossed, but how can I even say that now? I guess time will tell…


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