Roger Waters Release “The Dark Side Of The Moon Redux”

Roger Waters Release “The Dark Side Of The Moon Redux” | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Roger Waters for Us + Them - Roger Waters / Youtube

Music legend Roger Waters has gifted fans with a fresh take on the classic album that shaped a generation. His new project, “The Dark Side Of The Moon Redux,” is now available for streaming, coinciding with its release on October 6th.

This ambitious endeavor offers a reinterpretation of the renowned album, originally recorded with Pink Floyd fifty years ago.

Waters, reflecting on the inspiration behind this project, shared, “When we recorded the stripped-down songs for the Lockdown Sessions, the 50th anniversary of ‘The Dark Side Of The Moon’ was looming on the horizon.” He went on to explain that the idea emerged as a tribute to the original work, intending to readdress its political and emotional depth.

Collaborating with multi-instrumentalist Gus Seyffer and film director Sean Evans, Waters embarked on this artistic journey. Despite initial doubts and laughter, the team decided to take on the challenge. Waters expressed his excitement about the outcome, stating:

“It’s turned out really great, and I’m excited for everyone to hear it.”

However, Waters emphasized that this rendition is not a replacement for the original masterpiece.

“It’s not a replacement for the original which, obviously, is irreplaceable,” he remarked. “But it is a way for the seventy-nine-year-old man to look back across the intervening fifty years into the eyes of the twenty-nine-year-old and say, ‘We did our best, we kept his trust, our Dad would have been proud of us.'”

Additionally, it serves as a tribute to his fellow bandmates Nick Mason, Rick Wright, and Dave Gilmour, honoring the recording they have every right to be proud of.

“The Dark Side Of The Moon” holds a significant place in music history, having sold more than 50 million copies worldwide.

Its influence is immeasurable, making it one of the most iconic albums ever created. Now, fans have the chance to experience this timeless classic in a new light with “The Dark Side Of The Moon Redux.”

For those eager to delve into this reimagined masterpiece, “The Dark Side Of The Moon Redux” is available for streaming below: