Roger Waters Give Curse Filled Response To Fan Asking About His Youth

Roger Waters Give Curse Filled Response To Fan Asking About His Youth | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Roger Waters in an interview with John Hass - The Global Consortium for Sustainable Peace / Youtube

Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters, the 80-year-old Rock & Roll Hall of Famer known for his passionate beliefs, recently responded fervently to a fan’s question about what he would say to his younger self in a video Q&A posted on his social media pages.

The fan, Cesar Garcia, asked, “What would you say to the Roger Waters of the past?”

Waters, known for his candid and sometimes divisive remarks, humorously replied before delivering a fiery, expletive-filled response.

“Which one? We are many-faceted human beings.”

“I would just encourage me to do exactly what I’m doing, which is standing my f—ing ground, responding to ‘the man,’” he declared. “F— you! I am here to resist you, all you a–holes out there who don’t believe in love and cooperation, who believe in perpetual war and couldn’t give a s— about any of their brothers and sisters all over the world.”

Expressing his strong opposition to a global economic plan that he believes is destructive, Waters urged,

“We are gonna stand up to you, and I encourage all my brothers and sisters all over the world to resist this global economic plan that’s destroying the world.”

Waters, an advocate for the Palestinian people and a critic of Israel’s policies, often intertwines his activism with his music, sparking both support and criticism from fans.

The recent video prompted a range of responses on Waters’ Instagram page, with some praising his message of resistance and others expressing concerns about the perceived negativity.

One supportive fan commented,

“Yes, we resist together with Peace✌️ & Love❤️‍🔥 in Us and Them … ! Thank you.”

Another expressed enthusiasm,

“YAS!!!! That pumped me up thanks Roger!!! You’re right 🙌❤️ much love to you and yours!!”

However, negative comments included one stating,

“So much hate in a man who supports terrorists…. genuinely frightening. And sad.”

Waters, whose latest solo album, “The Dark Side of the Moon Redux,” is a reimagined version of Pink Floyd’s classic 1973 album, continues to be an influential figure, both musically and politically. His This Is Not a Drill Tour concluded in December 2023 with a concert in Quito, Ecuador

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