Roger Daltrey Shares How He Thinks “AI” Will Finally Fail

Roger Daltrey Shares How He Thinks “AI” Will Finally Fail | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Roger Daltrey, the iconic singer of The Who, has expressed his concerns about the future of artificial intelligence (AI). In a recent interview on the Shaun Keaveny’s Daily Grind podcast, Daltrey identified what he believes will lead to the downfall of AI. He firmly believes that AI lacks one crucial element – empathy.

Daltrey on the Lack of Empathy in AI

“The one thing I totally believe AI will never have, and it will be its downfall – it will never have empathy,” Daltrey asserted candidly during the podcast. He warns that if we continue to demand music that lacks emotional depth and fails to connect with listeners on a meaningful level, AI could potentially destroy the music industry. Daltrey emphasizes that music is a distinct language, and allowing AI to control that realm would strip away its inherent empathy. He remains skeptical, stating firmly, “AI can’t do that. I won’t ever believe [that]. If AI can ever do empathy, then we are [fucked].”

The Threat to Artists

Daltrey expresses concern over the potential consequences for artists if AI were to develop empathy. He firmly believes that the power of music lies in its ability to convey emotions and connect with people on a deeply personal level. Should AI possess empathy, it could potentially overshadow human artists, leading to a profound imbalance in the music industry. Daltrey asserts, “Music is a different language, and we shouldn’t let AI control that.”


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Daltrey’s View on the Technological Revolution

While AI is still a relatively new phenomenon, Daltrey draws parallels between the rise of AI and past technological revolutions. He points out the flaws in the argument that new technologies will always offer superior experiences. Daltrey shares his frustration with the shift from vinyl records to CDs, as CD proponents claimed that the new format produced better sound quality. However, Daltrey believes that something crucial was missing – a certain intangible element that couldn’t be captured by ones and zeros. He argues that there is more to music than the technical aspects, and that this missing element is essential for its true expression.

Roger Daltrey, a legendary figure in the music industry, voices his concerns about the potential impact of artificial intelligence on music. His belief that AI will never possess empathy and that it could potentially destroy the music industry if its lack of emotional depth is not addressed is a thought-provoking perspective. Daltrey emphasizes the importance of preserving music as a unique language that connects with listeners on a deep level. As technology continues to advance, his words serve as a reminder that music, at its core, is an experience that transcends the binary digits of AI.