Roger Daltrey And Peter Townshend Got In To It Making The New Who Album

Roger Daltrey And Peter Townshend Got In To It Making The New Who Album | I Love Classic Rock Videos

The Who live at the Ronnie Scotts, 2014 - MusicNewsWeb / Youtube

With news of The Who currently working on a new album, Roger Daltrey says he’s angered Pete Townshend on some occasions, and shares his strategy on approaching the new songs provided by the guitarist.

While Daltrey claims the new album will top Quadrophenia in terms of artistry, there has been no announcement of a release date in sight, although the band has been performing new material onstage recently.

In an interview with Uncut, Daltrey said “Pete presented me with 12 demos. And there were four, maybe five, of them which I really didn’t like. I thought it was a great Pete Townshend solo album. I told him that. And he got quite angry! He said, ‘I wrote them for you!’ I said, ‘Pete, I don’t know how I can improve it.’ I couldn’t see myself climbing in.”

Daltrey received permission from Townshend after some haggling, to change some of the material his way, as Daltrey has said it is always a challenge when he is presented with a song not quite up to his intentions. “Do I have to change the songs till I can mean them? Yes. It has to come from my heart. It can’t come from my head. When it comes from my heart, I will touch you with those words. Sometimes, I have to change the words to make that possible,” the frontman insisted.

“I have to say it’s a far better Who album than it is a Pete Townshend album! I mean, I don’t know what people want out of the Who anymore. But the songs are fabulous,” Daltrey added. He also said Townshend is his favorite guitarist of all time, opting for his creativity than technical prowess of their contemporaries.