Rod Stewart Shares The Time He Survived An Armed Robbery

Rod Stewart Shares The Time He Survived An Armed Robbery | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Rod Stewart live in 2018 - ViVaHD / Youtube

In a recent revelation that sent shockwaves through his fans, legendary singer Rod Stewart opened up about a terrifying incident from his past.

The rock icon shared a vintage interview on X (formerly Twitter), recounting the spine-chilling robbery encounter he survived in Buenos Aires.

In the gripping video, Stewart described the harrowing events:

“Police come in with a sawn-off shotgun, and the robbers were there with their guns, neither of them had the guns cocked. And we were all under the table, there were bullets flying everywhere. We were really lucky to get out of it with our lives.”

This heart-stopping incident took place during Stewart’s visit to Buenos Aires, a city he was in to support his team during the 1978 World Cup.

The singer asked his fans for help in naming the restaurant where this “insane encounter” occurred. Fans quickly suggested ‘Parrilla La Candela,’ a restaurant that, sadly, no longer exists.

According to a Spanish article shared by one fan, the incident unfolded swiftly. Stewart and others present were enjoying a meal when armed robbers barged in. The chaos ensued for a few intense minutes until the police arrived, bravely intervening and putting an end to the terrifying situation.

This isn’t the first time Stewart found himself in the midst of criminal activity.

In 1982, the singer faced another alarming situation when his sports car was stolen while he was out shopping in Hollywood. What makes this incident even more astonishing is that Stewart was forced to assist the thief in starting the car. The singer remained tight-lipped about the incident, with details emerging much later.

You can watch the video below: