Rod Stewart Reveals Truth About Jeff Beck

Rod Stewart Reveals Truth About Jeff Beck | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Rod Stewart live in 2018 - ViVaHD / Youtube

In a recent interview with USA TODAY, iconic rocker Rod Stewart fondly reminisced about his days with the Jeff Beck Group. Although Stewart admitted that guitarist Jeff Beck could be distant due to his personal demons, the mutual admiration for each other’s talents formed a deep bond between them. Despite their brief time together, Rod Stewart expressed gratitude to Beck for giving him and Ronnie Wood the opportunity to explore new horizons in the United States.

A Bond Formed Through Music

Rod Stewart reflected on the Jeff Beck Group days, revealing that while he and Ronnie Wood weren’t particularly close to Beck, they admired each other’s musical abilities. Stewart recognized the uniqueness of their relationship, as Beck listened attentively to his singing and responded accordingly—a rare trait among guitarists:

“Me and [Ronnie] Wood weren’t that close to him; he had his demons and could be a bit distant. But the love was there. He loved me for my voice, and I love him for his guitar playing. He listened when I sang and reacted. Most guitar players don’t listen.”

Despite the occasional distance between them, Rod Stewart expressed heartfelt appreciation for Beck’s influence on his career. He acknowledged Beck’s instrumental role in taking them to the United States and imparting invaluable knowledge:

“Ronnie and I were talking about him during the recent tribute concert in London, and I told the audience, ‘Ronnie and I might not have been known if it wasn’t for Jeff taking us to the United States and showing us the ropes. We owe him a lot.’”

An Enduring Musical Partnership

Even though Rod Stewart’s tenure in the Jeff Beck Group was relatively short-lived, the bond they shared endured over the years. In 1985, the two musicians reunited for the hit song ‘People Get Ready,’ which made its mark on the charts in the U.S., Australia, and Europe. The collaboration showcased their mutual respect and admiration for each other’s artistry.

Apart from their professional endeavors, Rod Stewart paid heartfelt homage to the late guitar maestro after Jeff Beck’s passing earlier this year. On Instagram, Stewart commemorated the influential guitarist and the pivotal role he played in shaping their musical journey:

“Jeff Beck was on another planet. He took me and Ronnie Wood to the USA in the late 60s in his band, the Jeff Beck Group, and we haven’t looked back since. He was one of the few guitarists that, when playing live, would actually listen to me sing and respond. Jeff, you were the greatest, my man. Thank you for everything. RIP”