Rockstar Cameos In Horror Films

Rockstar Cameos In Horror Films | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Alice Cooper for Hey Stoopid's music video - Official Alice Cooper / YouTube

Rockstar appearances in Hollywood films aren’t unheard of. Usually, these cameos are borne out of curiosity, prior commitments, or riding an artist’s hype to market the movie. Whatever the motive is, it’s always a delight to see a familiar face when watching a new flick. This goes the same for horror films, where most rock stars seem to gravitate. It’s no surprise though, as the entertainment value offered by rock music equals that of a horror film’s seat-gripping proposition. Here are some of the most memorable rock star cameos in horror movies over the years.

Ringo Starr, Harry Nilsson and others – “Son Of Dracula” (1974)

Harry Nilsson plays the lead role in the movie, who also contributes to the soundtrack with his songs. Ringo Starr plays the role of Merlin, the family advisor of the Count’s estate, and he also produces the film. Other appearances include John Bonham, Keith Moon, Peter Frampton, Leon Russell, and Stones horn players Jim Rice and Bobby Keys, who comprise the movie’s resident rock n’ roll band, the Count Downes.

Roger Daltrey – “The Legacy” (1978)

Daltrey is no stranger to movies, so when an opportunity knocked on his door, he grabbed it to be part of The Legacy. Daltrey offered his mansion to be one of the major filming locations for the movie, but only in the condition that he becomes a part of it as well. He plays Clive Jackson, who comes across as an annoying and off-putting music industry figure.

David Bowie – “The Hunger” (1983)

The Ziggy Stardust icon would feature a surreal appearance in the movie, rapidly aging, much to the shock of the audience. He plays the role of a 300-year old vampire named John, and invested time and effort in learning to play the cello for the part.

Debbie Harry – “Videodrome” (1983)

Blondie frontwoman Debbie Harry’s first official venture into acting came with the cult favorite Videodrome. David Cronenberg selected her himself, and Harry, being a big fan of the director, accepted the role even before the script was completed. She plays the role of Nicki Brand, a femme fatale who manipulates her victims with her arresting suave and charm.

Ozzy Osbourne and Gene Simmons – “Trick Or Treat” (1986)

Ozzy plays the role of Rev. Aaron Gilstrom while Gene Simmons plays radio DJ Nuke in this 1986 film. Both shock and macabre icons in the rock industry, it’s a breath of fresh air seeing the two have a complete image makeover in their appearance on the film.

Alice Cooper – “Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare” (1991)

Marking the end of the Nightmare on Elm Street films, Alice Cooper lends his presence in this movie, playing the role of Freddy Kreuger’s adoptive father. He accepted the role given the condition that he won’t be donning his usual stage makeup on it.

Meat Loaf – “Wishcraft” (2002)

Wishcraft has Meat Loaf playing as detective Sparky shaw in the teen slasher film. He acts alongside horror veteran Zelda Rubinstein, who plays the medical examiner in the movie.

Bruce Dickinson – Chemical Wedding (2008)

Bruce Dickinson isn’t just a heavy metal icon, but a film writer as well. He wrote Chemical Wedding with Monty Python’s Julian Doyle, which focused on Aleister Crowley’s fictional resurrection 43 years after his death. Dickinson plays a small part in the film, acting as Crowley’s blind landlord.

Alice Cooper, Henry Rollins, Iggy Pop, Alex Lifeson – “Suck” (2009)

The unlikely rock lineup for Suck has Alex Lifeson playing as a border guard, Cooper as a weird bartender, Rollins as Rockin’ Roger, and Pop as Victor, a music producer.

Iggy Pop And Tom Waits – “The Dead Don’t Die” (2019)

Zombie comedy-horror film The Dead Don’t Die has Iggy Pop play a caffeine-addicted zombie, while Tom Waits is a hermit who lives off-grid in the fictional town of Centerville.