Rock Musicians And Legends We Lost In 2021

Rock Musicians And Legends We Lost In 2021 | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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The cycle of life points to the fact that nothing is temporary— whether you are famous or not. Still, even though you’re physically not present in today’s world, the moments you’ve shared and the legacy you’ve provided is enough to make you live once more. And that is something that these rock legends have provided to us. Below are the musicians we have lost in the year 2021. May their souls rest in peace.


Charlie Watts (1941 – 2021)

The iconic drummer of the legendary Rolling Stones rock band died this year at the age of 80. Watts had been present to the group for more than 50 years, providing joy and tempo to all of the group’s long catalog of songs.

Dusty Hill (1949 – 2021)

ZZ Top’s legendary bassist Dusty Hill changed the landscape of rock and roll alongside his bandmates Frank Beard and Billy Gibbons. He passed away at the age of 72.

Robby Steinhardt (1950 – 2021)

Kansas’ beloved founding member and violist Robby Steinhardt died at the age of 71. Robby’s works made the sound of Kansas reach other levels.

Chick Corea (1941 – 2021)

The legendary jazz-fusion keyboardist Chick Corea passed away at 79 years old, with cancer as the cause of death. Corea’s work helped revitalize the world of jazz, making him one of the most respected artists of this century.

Tim Bogert (1944 – 2021)

Bassist Tim Bogert died this year at the age of 76. He was well-known to be a part of the supergroup Beck, Bogert & Appice, as well as his rock bands Vanilla Fudge and Cactus.

Don Everly (1937 – 2021)

Don Everly, the other half of the famous group The Everly Brothers, passed away last August 21 this year. The group’s music style had spurred the likes of The Beatles, Beach Boys, and many others.

Eric Wagner (1959 – 2021)

The iconic Eric Wagner on the metal bands Trouble and The Skull died this year due to complications from COVID-19. Wagner helped define the metal genre of music.