Rock Legends With The Weirdest Antics

Rock Legends With The Weirdest Antics | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Rod Stewart live in 2018 - ViVaHD / Youtube

Rock stars often live unusual lives filled with experiences far from what most people would consider “normal.” But it’s not just their life on stage or wealth that sets them apart. Some rock stars engage in activities or have passions that you might not expect from them. These aren’t just any stories; they have a touch of the unexpected, from peculiar hobbies to unique lifestyle choices. Let’s dive into some rock stars who stand out not just for their music but for their quirky sides as well.

Rod Stewart: The Train Enthusiast


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Rod Stewart, the hit songwriter and music star, has an unusual hobby that he cherishes – building a massive model train set. Taking nearly three decades to put together his prized collection, Stewart reveals a facet of his personality starkly different from his rockstar image. He even stated, “I’d rather be on the cover of Railway Modeller than Rolling Stone magazine,” noticeably putting his niche interest above his mainstream fame. Stewart doesn’t let his professional commitments override his hobby and often works on his train models during tours, adjusting his hotel rooms accordingly.

Prince: The Mysterious Musician


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Prince, acclaimed for his distinctive style and music, had a string of peculiar habits that kept his fans and public guessing. Known for his desire for privacy, Prince would rent out entire local salons for personal use. His approach towards his fans ranged from eccentric to down-right litigious, often suing those who dared to share his pictures or concert videos online. Prince’s quirks extended into his studio as well, where he maintained a swear jar. He was also fame for his pet doves and surprise athletic abilities, capable of beating guests at basketball and ping-pong games effortlessly.

Tom Morello: The Dungeons & Dragons Fanatic


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Tom Morello, celebrated for his part in the politically conscious band “Rage Against the Machine”, has a surprising pastime – he’s a devoted Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) player. It was actor Vince Vaughn who spilled the beans on Morello’s involvement with a clandestine Hollywood D&D group. He takes the fantasy role-playing game seriously, once appearing in a D&D film without uttering a single word.

Alice Cooper: The Wholesome Rocker


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Despite his reputation for shocking onstage performances, Alice Cooper lives a surprisingly wholesome life offstage. With a strict adherence to his religiosity, he maintains a clean image stating, “There was no bad language, there was no nudity, there was nothing un-Christian.” He holds peculiar interests in bad kung fu movies and golf. With a surprisingly philanthropic approach in getting rid of old pants, Cooper has them delivered to fans through his radio show, adding an unconventional touch to his fan interaction.

Bill Wyman: The Treasure Hunter

Bill Wyman, the former bassist for The Rolling Stones, has ventured into metal detecting after retiring from the band. The historical artifacts he has found around his estate have been valuable contributions to local chronicle, proving that retirement can indeed fund some unusual pastimes. Rather than looking for fortune through his metal detecting, Wyman values the historical knowledge and insights it brings.

Jack White: The Man of Taxidermy


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Jack White, the former member of the duo “The White Stripes,” has made a name for himself in the music world for his non-traditional approach to music and life. One of Jack’s peculiar passions appears to be revealed in his affinity for taxidermy. He has an impressive collection of preserved animal specimens, sparked by the intrigue of their states of either deterioration or questionable origin. White’s adoration for taxidermy is best exhibited in the office he established in Nashville. The area was transformed into a multifaceted space consisting of a music venue, record store, and more. Décor was much derived from illustrations of a child’s imagination, the style reflective of Andy Warhol’s Factory fused with a Batcave-like appeal. Laden with numerous pieces of taxidermy, this space clearly demonstrated White’s fascination with the art and science of preserving animals. Along with his collection of taxidermied creatures, Jack also has some odd affinities. He reportedly has a strong aversion to nurses and delves into reading scrapbooks from old insane asylums, revealing an eccentric side that does not cease to surprise his fans and followers.

Stephen Morris: From Playing Drums to Driving Tanks


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Stephen Morris, celebrated drummer for Joy Division and New Order, has taken punk to an entirely different level. To some, his collection of vintage tanks and armored vehicles may appear an odd extension of his punk profile. Still, to Morris, it’s metaphorically akin to riding roller coasters, which many people relish. “It’s an adrenaline thing but [a] slow sort of adrenaline thing because they don’t go very fast,” he says, reaffirming his love for driving tanks in the English countryside. The thought of owning a tank sprung from a desire to buy a vintage car, a plan his wife wasn’t impressed with. But when the suggestion of purchasing a tank came up, she gave the go-ahead, leaving Morris with a far more formidable vehicle than he’d initially planned. Driving tanks became a mainstay of his, albeit it wasn’t the most comfortable ride. “I always wondered what it was like inside one and now I can tell you it’s not very nice,” he says, comparing the rough ride of tanks to the smooth cruise of cars. Despite his love for driving tanks, Morris admits he doesn’t do it as much as he’d like. “I don’t drive it as much as I ought to… this bloody music keeps getting in the way. I never seem to have enough time,” he laments, proving that even rock stars have time constraints when it comes to pursuing their unique hobbies.