Robin Williams Covers “Come Together” By The Beatles – Listen

Robin Williams Covers “Come Together” By The Beatles – Listen | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Robin Williams, a legendary comedian, left a legacy that includes both tearjerkers and feel-good stories. But, one of his most inspiring experiences was singing a duet of “Come Together” by The Beatles with his longtime buddy Bobby McFerrin.

It shouldn’t come as a shock that Williams could sing effectively and that his take on this Fab Four hit was brilliant, even if it is one of the most unexpected covers ever. It’s also not surprising that Williams liked the Beatles, given that he was a youngster during the ‘60s when the counterculture was in full swing and The Beatles were everywhere.

The collaboration came into fruition when George Martin, the man fondly nicknamed the ‘Fifth Beatle,’ produced Williams and McFerrin’s version of the song for the 1999 album In My Life. Celebrities including Jim Carrey, Goldie Hawn, Sean Connery, Jeff Beck, Celine Dion, Billy Connolly, and Phil Collins are among others who have covered Beatles songs on this album. Even though Williams and McFerrin’s rendition stays true to the original, it sounds much bigger because of the benefits of digital recording. Williams’ deep, rich vocals imitate Paul McCartney’s bassline in the original, but they lend a completely new depth to this section.

According to Martin in the album’s liner notes, he said: “One of the joys of making this album was being able to work alongside some of my idols. Although we had not met before, I had the nerve to contact Robin Williams and ask him if he felt like going out on a limb and singing a Beatles song for me. He suggested bringing in Bobby McFerrin, a great musician whose vocal dexterity is just unbelievable.”