Rob Halford Reveals How Much Of Rockstar Bob Dylan Is

Rob Halford Reveals How Much Of Rockstar Bob Dylan Is | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Judas Priest frontman, Rob Halford, recently reminisced about a brief but unforgettable meeting with music legend Bob Dylan. The encounter took place during a show at the Sony Studios, where Halford’s solo band, Fight, was performing. Halford’s excitement was palpable when he learned that Dylan was in the next room, prompting him to eagerly accept the opportunity to meet the iconic singer-songwriter.

Memorable Encounter with Bob Dylan

As Halford entered the room, he couldn’t help but notice that Dylan was surrounded by a group of five or six women, adding to the aura of mystique. The record executive who escorted Halford introduced him as Rob Halford from the British heavy metal band Judas Priest. Dylan, with his characteristic drawl, greeted Halford with curiosity and asked where he hailed from.

Halford proudly replied,

“I’m from Birmingham.” Dylan, seemingly intrigued, responded with a question of his own: “Birmingham? How’s Ozzy doing?”

Before Halford could react, he was whisked away from the room.

This encounter held special significance for Halford and his band, as they had derived their name from Dylan’s song, “The Ballad Of Frankie Lee And Judas Priest.” The choosing of their band name from a Bob Dylan track was not an uncommon practice in the music world, with other bands like Deep Purple and Radiohead following suit. However, Dylan himself has never officially acknowledged Judas Priest’s use of his song title.

Paying Tribute to Bob Dylan and Creating Intrigue

The song, “The Ballad Of Frankie Lee And Judas Priest,” appeared on Dylan’s renowned album, “John Wesley Harding.” It tells a somber tale of two friends, one of whom meets a tragic fate. The band’s first manager, David Corke, registered the name “Judas Priest” before Judas Priest released their debut album, “Rocka Rolla.”

The practice of borrowing song titles for band names has been a long-standing tradition in the music industry. Artists like The Sisters of Mercy and Motörhead have also borrowed from popular songs. Judas Priest’s decision to adopt their band name from Dylan’s song not only pays homage to the legendary musician but also adds an additional layer of intrigue to their own musical identity.

Rob Halford’s encounter with Bob Dylan backstage remains a cherished memory. The opportunity to meet one’s musical idol, even for a brief moment, can leave a lasting impact. Halford’s excitement was evident as he shared the details of the meeting, describing Dylan’s casual demeanor and the presence of several women surrounding him. This anecdote offers fans a glimpse into the world of rock and the connections between iconic musicians.

Rob Halford’s meeting with Bob Dylan backstage showcased the starstruck excitement and genuine admiration that can arise when musical legends cross paths. It highligjts the enduring influence of Bob Dylan and the impact his music continues to have on artists across different genres. Additionally, Judas Priest’s choice to name their band after Dylan’s song highlights their deep appreciation for his work and the indelible mark it has left on the music world.