Road and Crew Members Reveals Wildest and Craziest Stories On The Road

Road and Crew Members Reveals Wildest and Craziest Stories On The Road | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Life on the road with a band isn’t all glamorous hotel rooms and sold-out stadiums. Behind the curtain, a whirlwind of experiences awaits both musicians and the dedicated roadies who keep the show running. 

From electrifying highs to moments that would make your toes curl, these unsung heroes have a treasure trove of wild stories to tell.

Musicians are notorious for pushing the boundaries of fun, and their antics, combined with the unpredictable nature of touring, create a potent mix for unforgettable experiences.

But be warned, not all of these tales are for the faint of heart. Buckle up and prepare to be surprised, because on tour, anything goes!

An unforgettable twist at a desert psytrance party

Redditor /u/Digital-Hermit recounts a bizarre experience while performing at a desert psytrance party in Australia. It was around 6 am, the revelers a little worse for wear after a long night, but still dancing and having a good time.

He was deep into their set, enjoying a favorite track when a woman in a tiger-striped bra and loincloth entered their field of vision. Clearly worse for the wear, she weaved across the dance floor, hair a mess.

Suddenly, right in the middle of the dance floor and directly in front of the stage, the woman stopped, squatted down (or the loincloth equivalent), and proceeded to urinate for a full two minutes – all while casually smoking a joint.

This unexpected act left /u/Digital-Hermit forever associating their favorite song with the image of a “f*cked up hippy chick” taking an extended bathroom break right in the front row.

A ‘high’-energy crowd in Kirkwood

Redditor /u/guitar_fiend describes an unexpected turn of events during a tour stop in Kirkwood, California. Arriving in the seemingly deserted ski town, the band braced themselves for a slow night at the lodge’s bar/restaurant. However, as they began their set around 10 pm, a group of 20-30 people materialized, ready to party.

The energy was electric, fueled by what /u/guitar_fiend later realized was a large dose of MDMA. The crowd went wild, with people dancing uncontrollably, public displays of affection, and even a near-collapse (while still dancing!).

It was a chaotic yet undeniably fun night, easily one of the best of the tour, even though the band themselves weren’t offered any of the party favors.

A night at the Motel of Mystery

Redditor /u/groundcontroltodan describes a less-than-pleasant stay at a rundown motel. The property offered those classic park-style grills, and that’s where things got strange.

One of the motel’s long-term residents (unclear if a guest or someone from the area) decided to grill a dead cat on one of the grills, using scrap wood for fuel. Needless to say, the band called it a night after witnessing this unsettling scene. 

Unfortunately, the bad vibes continued. Waking up the next morning, they discovered two guitars and their passenger window missing from their van.

Warped Tour night they’d rather forget

Redditor /u/731hipsters recounts a bizarre encounter that forever tainted their Salt Lake City experience. The night before Warped Tour, the band was approached by a young couple at a McDonald’s who were excited about the festival.

After a shared liquor run and an impromptu game of “Never Have I Ever” back at the couple’s hotel, things took a turn for the awkward. The boyfriend made a series of shocking confessions about incestuous acts, leaving his girlfriend visibly horrified and the band utterly speechless. /u/731hipsters, understandably disturbed, opted to excuse themselves and sleep in the van. The encounter left such a bad taste that they apparently swore off Utah altogether.

Getting doused by a devoted (but drunk) fan

Redditor /u/CDC, a seasoned performer in the North and South Carolina experimental hip-hop scene, has a treasure trove of concert stories. One particularly memorable (and messy) incident involved an overzealous fan.

In the middle of a set, /u/CDC felt a tug on their pant leg. Glancing down, they saw an older man holding up a shot. Though known to appreciate a drink, /u/CDC politely declined due to the heat and exertion.

After the set, they took the shot to appease the fan, who then bought another round. Unfortunately, the revelry ended abruptly. The man barely tasted the second shot before projectile vomiting all over the bar, /u/CDC, and other patrons.

An awkward, drug-fueled public hook-up

Redditor /u/uberphaser shares a story about a particularly outlandish bandmate – their drummer. Described as a hyper-fit character with a penchant for risky behavior, this drummer apparently pushed boundaries on and off the stage.

One wild night, after a cocaine-fueled jam session in the band van, the drummer – under the influence of a questionable concoction and Viagra – decided to pursue a physical encounter with the club owner, an attractive woman in her 40s.

Unfortunately for everyone involved, their rendezvous unfolded in the wide-open green room, much to the awkwardness of the other musicians and club staff.

A heartwarming cover band story

Las Vegas cover band drummer /u/RLLRRR knows the unexpected sights and sounds that come with playing on Fremont Street. While playing a Stevie Wonder cover, /u/RLLRRR saw an elderly man in a wheelchair slowly rolling up to the stage.

The man started bobbing his head to the music, but what happened next truly surprised everyone. The man suddenly stood up and launched into some impressive dance moves!  /u/RLLRRR jokingly attributes the man’s newfound mobility to the power of Stevie Wonder’s music, making for a truly heartwarming moment during their cover set.

Henry Rollins gives someone a rude and crappy awakening

Redditor /u/impossible_planet shares a wild story about a friend’s unfortunate encounter with punk rock legend Henry Rollins. Apparently, their friend, shall we say, overindulged a bit too much and ended up passed out on the toilet, mid-sh*tting.

The story takes a bizarre turn when Black Flag frontman Henry Rollins himself stumbles upon the scene. Instead of leaving the unconscious concertgoer to his fate, Rollins took matters into his own hands.

He hoisted the friend up, pants possibly askew, and deposited him in bed. Unfortunately, /u/impossible_planet’s friend remained blissfully unaware of this act of kindness (and potential public embarrassment) due to his deep sleep.

An unexpected reaction

Redditor /u/Pharoah-Sander shares a story about a concert experience that took a turn for the worse. While playing at a dive bar in Virginia, /u/Pharoah-Sander noticed a woman enjoying their music near the front of the crowd.

Initially happy to see someone new vibing with their music, /u/Pharoah-Sander soon witnessed something shocking. As the show neared its end, the woman turned away from the stage, pulled down her pants, and defecated right on the floor in the middle of the audience.

A willy-keyboardist and a band named Hitler

Redditor /u/thexzzisalive has clearly accumulated a collection of unforgettable concert experiences. They recount seeing a keyboard player defy convention with an, ahem, unconventional technique, and the crowd apparently lapped it up.

Another show featured a performer using an angle grinder on a microphone, taking “industrial music” to a whole new level.

But /u/thexzzisalive doesn’t shy away from the bizarre. They describe a band whose entire performance revolved around a drum kit, Halloween decorations, and spooky sound effects – and somehow, it worked!

However, the live music world isn’t always sunshine and lollipops. /u/thexzzisalive mentions witnessing unfortunate audience members being beaned with beer cans, and even a friend who utilizes a rather unique sound source (a Hitachi wand) during her performances.  To wrap it up, /u/thexzzisalive throws in a band name that certainly raises eyebrows – Hitler, they saw a band called Hitler earlier this year.