Ringo Starr’s Worries Of Paul McCartney After Beatles Breakup

Ringo Starr’s Worries Of Paul McCartney After Beatles Breakup | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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The breakup of The Beatles in 1970 left a significant impact on the dynamics between the band members. While Ringo Starr, George Harrison, and John Lennon were on one side, Paul McCartney stood on the other, embarking on a legal battle against the band’s management. Amid the stormy aftermath, Ringo Starr harbored concerns about his future working relationship with McCartney. Despite his trust in Lennon and Harrison, Starr questioned whether McCartney would continue to collaborate with him.

Strained Relationships and Uncertainty

The internal conflicts within The Beatles, combined with McCartney’s legal actions against the band, cast a shadow over their musical relationships. Starr desired to maintain a friendly and creative bond with his former bandmates, even amid the turmoil. However, McCartney’s lawsuit to gain control of the band’s catalog from manager Allen Klein further complicated matters. This led to doubts in Starr’s mind about McCartney’s willingness to collaborate.

Expressing Concerns Through Music

In the song “Early 1970,” Starr candidly addressed his apprehensions about McCartney’s involvement in future musical endeavors. In a 2001 interview with Billboard, Starr recalled the circumstances, saying,

“One of them wasn’t gonna play [nervous chuckle]. At that point, I felt that when John comes to town, I know he’s gonna play with me, and if George comes to town, I know he’ll play with me, and if Paul comes to town, I ‘wonder’ if he’s gonna play.”

The lingering animosity stemming from the legal battles and the contentious Apple period left Starr uncertain about McCartney’s commitment to their shared musical path.

Rekindling Collaborations

Despite the concerns, Starr and McCartney eventually found a way to work together again. Their collaboration took place on Starr’s 1973 album, aptly titled “Ringo.” Notably, McCartney contributed the song “Six O’Clock” to the album, a testament to the enduring musical connection between the two artists. Starr fondly remembered the collaborative process, highlighting how Lennon and McCartney wrote songs specifically tailored to his style. He stated,

“A lot of the songs they wrote for me, they would not have thought of doing themselves” (Billboard).

A Lasting Friendship

In the years that followed, Starr and McCartney maintained a strong bond and friendship. Despite their busy schedules and infrequent encounters, they remained in contact and regarded each other as family. Starr revealed in a 2023 interview with CNN,

“Paul called me the other day… We’re close, close friends. We’re brothers, and you know, for me, it was great because I’m an only child and suddenly I had three brothers that I could love, I could rely on, I could help out. You know, it was a great moment for me.”

Ringo Starr’s worries about his working relationship with Paul McCartney after the breakup of The Beatles exemplify the challenges and uncertainties that emerged during that tumultuous period. However, their shared history and musical connection prevailed, leading to collaborations on Starr’s album “Ringo” and the enduring friendship they cherish.