Ringo Starr Shines In ‘Help!’ Isolated Track

Ringo Starr Shines In ‘Help!’ Isolated Track | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via Rui Angelo A. Sampilo / Youtube

Take a listen at this isolated track of “Help!” highlighting the greatness of Ringo Starr’s drum performance. The audio can be heard below.

We all thank John Lennon and Paul McCartney’s wonderful partnership in creating hit singles that are enough to sustain lifetime fame, and while people often-so debate that George Harrison is better than the two both musically and lyrically, absolutely everyone could agree that Ringo Starr is the underrated one in The Beatles. Yes, we are gifted, every once in a while, with a Ringo song to add the final touches to a Beatle album, but only a few could assume that Starr is a great drummer in comparison to well-known drum legends like John Bonham or Ginger Baker. But, without his beat, The Fab Four’s songs simply wouldn’t be complete.

“Help!” was a song written by Lennon, who channeled his inner cries for help from being suffocated by the fame and exhaustion of being a Beatle. “The whole Beatles thing was just beyond comprehension,” Lennon said in 1980. “I was subconsciously crying out for help.” The track is often considered to be one of Lennon’s finest compositions ever, with his ability to create meaningful lyrics that everyone in the world could relate to.

Its arrangement is ordered in a fast tempo, which was done to guarantee commercial success. Lennon expressed regrets over it, but the vitality the song provides gives a reassuring feeling that he’s not alone in the sadness of being trapped inside the bubble of Beatlemania. One way to put that reassurance is with Starr’s mighty upbeat rhythm.