Ringo Starr Shares Experience Of Being Rejected By Record Companies

Ringo Starr Shares Experience Of Being Rejected By Record Companies | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Ringo Starr live in 2009 - DrSalvadoctopus / Youtube

In an interview with the Scottish Sun, Sir Ringo Starr recalled how difficult it was for the Beatles to find a label and how the Abbey Road Studios came to their rescue. The interview came about during Mary McCartney’s If These Walls Could Sing premiere.

Getting signed to a record company is difficult; even the famed Beatles had trouble persuading several executives to sign them. Abbey Road Studios (formerly EMI Recording Studios) may have been quite accommodating when the Fab Four were on the lookout for a studio, but the record company officials were still skeptical of the Beatles’ abilities.

After being asked about the significance of Abbey Road Studios to the Beatles’ success, drummer Ringo Starr felt compelled to pay his respects. “They have a little bit for us,” Starr explained. “We were just blessed that we got a record deal because of George Martin, and he was working out of here because we were refused by many record labels. And George [Martin] took a chance, and then we came here, and we did ‘Love Me Do,’ and we went on from there.”

Furthermore, the former Beatle said: “Then, a little later on, we tried a couple of other studios, but for the first six years, we were here. We knew the place, we felt the place, and it worked out really well.”

Mary McCartney’s feature documentary directorial debut, If These Walls Could Sing, premieres in 2022 and is a documentary about the legendary Abbey Road Studios in London, England, and the performers that have recorded there.