Ringo Starr Had Regret With Relationship With Jimi Hendrix

Ringo Starr Had Regret With Relationship With Jimi Hendrix | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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There were two pioneering artists that rose prominently in the 60s: The Beatles and Jimi Hendrix. With regards to their connections, the Fab Four and Hendrix have enjoyed a keen friendship that they both enjoyed. However, not all of the members adore Hendrix, particularly drummer Ringo Starr, for several reasons that he regretted later on.

As two of the most influential musicians of the ‘60s, the members of the Beatles and Jimi Hendrix got off to a great start. After the event at Ringo Starr’s apartment, however, their relationship became tumultuous. After relocating to the UK for professional reasons, Hendrix rented a flat from Beatles drummer Ringo Starr. Starr began renting out his basement apartment in Marylebone, London, to Hendrix in 1996, with its address at 34 Montagu Square.

Hendrix did a great deal of work while residing at the flat. In 1967, he recorded one of the more successful songs, “Purple Haze,” and Paul McCartney endorsed him so highly that he was invited to perform at the Monterey Pop Festival. In the apartment, he also penned “The Wind Cries Mary” after getting into an argument with his girlfriend, Kathy whose middle name is presented in the song. Things were running smooth, until a bad acid trip caused the up-and-coming musician to splatter whitewash all over the house’s walls, effectively destroying it.

Ringo perhaps regretted the decision for Hendrix to live in his basement, which caused them to strain the friendship they developed.