Rick Allen Talks About Def Leppard’s Retirement Plans

Rick Allen Talks About Def Leppard’s Retirement Plans | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Def Leppard’s drummer, Rick Allen, recently addressed the topic of retirement, shedding light on the band’s plans for the future. Despite the passage of time and the challenges that come with it, the band continues to captivate audiences in stadiums filled with thousands of fans.

When confronted with the question of retirement, Allen offered a candid response, emphasizing the band’s avoidance of discussions about their potential last show. 

“You know what? We’ll just keep doing this as long as we possibly can. And be honest, The Rolling Stones, they keep raising the bar every single year,” the drummer jested.

Allen expressed a steadfast commitment to continue performing for as long as possible, drawing inspiration from the Stones. And since Mick Jagger’s legendary group is still going on tours, Allen thought that they’ve got “nothing to complain about”.

Phil Collen and Joe Elliott will still continue rocking

And it appears that Rick Allen is not the only band member with a resilient attitude toward retirement. Phil Collen, the band’s guitarist, shares Allen’s perspective, highlighting the band’s dedication to maintaining physical fitness through regular exercise and vocal warm-ups.

Collen firmly asserted that there are no immediate plans for retirement, emphasizing the band’s enduring passion for creating music and performing live.

Frontman Joe Elliott, likewise, echoes this sentiment, stating that, as long as his health allows, he “can’t see it happening”. He sees no reason to step away from touring and making music, signaling a unified front within Def Leppard.

Joe Elliott was almost forcibly retired

A memorable moment in Def Leppard’s history came around 2015 when Elliott faced a potentially forced retirement.

Struggling with a frozen vocal chord, Elliott’s ability to control his voice was compromised to the extent that doctors warned him about the need for a professional shift. Fortunately, Elliott’s determination to overcome this challenge led him to vocal rehabilitation instead of surgery. 

Through this process, the rocker successfully rebuilt his vocal capabilities, defying the threat of retirement. Elliott’s escape from forced retirement serves as a testament to the resilience and commitment of Def Leppard’s members to continue creating music against all odds.

Looking ahead with Drastic Symphonies

The band is still far from retirement as they, earlier this year, released the highly anticipated Drastic Symphonies, featuring a collaboration with the iconic Royal Philharmonic Orchestra from the UK. In this latest release, the iconic rock band’s beloved tracks undergo a transformation as they are deconstructed and reimagined with the grand accompaniment of the renowned orchestra.

While the album predominantly preserves the original essence of Def Leppard classics, seamlessly melding them with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Drastic Symphonies introduces fresh vocals and guitars, resulting in breathtaking symphonic renditions.

In a recent interview on Talk Shop Live, the band discussed the intricacies of their collaboration with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and the creative process behind their new outing. Collen expressed his awe in working with the renowned orchestra, sharing, “That’s the guys you want, you know”.

He went on and gushed, “When they were doing it we were just blown away. Couldn’t have been any better. And it does give it a different dimension.”