Rewind: Steven Tyler Performs Janis Joplin “Piece of My Heart”

Rewind: Steven Tyler Performs Janis Joplin “Piece of My Heart” | I Love Classic Rock Videos

He Can Do No Wrong!

If there’s anything Steven Tyler has proven in the past year, it’s his versatility and raw talent. He can do rock one minute and go country the next and everyone will still be singing his praises. During this year’s CMA Songwriters Series, the Aerosmith frontman hit the stage and rocked out to the Janis Joplin classic “Piece Of My Heart.” We didn’t know it was possible but it seriously rivaled the original version. Of course we’ve always known that Steven’s talent and musical abilities are basically incomparable.

He always had a very strong stage presence and once he went up on stage, it’s like we didn’t want him to leave! Lol. Anyway, this song is one of our favorites and the way Steven hits those notes with his distinctive beautiful voice is hands-down amazing. He nails it, as usual! Come on now, what’s not to love? He’s a real legend. He can still belt it out like he’s 30!