Remembering 5 Of Bill Withers’ Best Live Performances

Remembering 5 Of Bill Withers’ Best Live Performances | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Lean On Me (Live in Chicago 1973)- Bill Withers/ YouTube

Bill Withers is a man of charisma and character. Though his life in the industry felt like a “pawn” as he remembered it, his career as a musician gave us the opportunity to listen to some of the greatest songs that we can still hear up to this day. His live performances were always phenomenal, primarily due to the fact that his deep voice and alluring personality show how great he is as a performer. Below are some of his proof:

5. “Lonely Town, Lonely Street” –Beat Club, 1972

The German Show called Beat Club back in 1972 was Bill’s one of the top performances back in the day. A 30-minute performance, it included his classic songs of “Use Me”, “Lean On Me” and of course “Lonely Town, Lonely Street”. And even though the singer suffered from a mild cold, he never missed a note to perform. It presented us with the impression of how great he is on-stage, whether the odds are with him or not.

4. “Lovely Day” 192 TV, 1978

Nothing could top-off any of Withers’ performances on TV. Unlike others, he calmly performs on set, and he was not showy with fancy grooves like any other. But the fact that he can serenely sing this summer song with a great capacity of lung strength and high notes say something about his greatness.

3. “Hope She’ll Be Happier” – Zaire ’74 music festival, 1974

The year was 1974. An epic match between legends George Foreman and Muhammad Ali brought us to a historical moment on both the boxing match and the music business. Further on, a three-day festival was held to boost the unity between Africans, African-Americans, and the Latin community. Bill Withers was among the musicians who attended, and captivated the hearts of the audiences as he sang a tear-jerking song of “Hope She’ll Be Happier”.

2. “Ain’t No Sunshine” – BBC Concert, 1973

Perhaps the most renowned performance of this song was during the 1973 BBC concert. Withers, per usual, sang the song in a melancholic manner that gives you a perfectly good reason to shed tears.

1. “Lean On Me” – Chicago, 1972

An awe-inspiring song for the people in need, Bill Withers gave us music worth remembering for the many years to come. Marked with his soulful, deep voice, paired with the passions arising as the song preceded, “Lean On Me” will always be an outstanding performance to reminisce for.