Reliving 10 Greatest Atomic Rooster Songs

Reliving 10 Greatest Atomic Rooster Songs | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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When discussing the history of progressive rock and classic rock, it’s hard to ignore the underrated brilliance of Atomic Rooster. Emerging from the shadows of The Crazy World of Arthur Brown, Atomic Rooster mesmerized rock fans with a series of albums in the early 1970s that left a lasting impression. Despite being more popular in the United Kingdom than the United States, their music resonated with audiences seeking deep and intricate compositions.

“Break The Ice”

From their legendary third album, “In Hearing of Atomic Rooster,” “Break The Ice” showcases the band’s signature style. With Vincent Crane on keyboards, John Du Cann on guitars, Pete French on vocals, and Paul Hammond on drums, this track captivates with its haunting melodies and powerful instrumentation.

“Time Take My Life”

While Atomic Rooster’s sound shifted away from progressive rock in their later albums, they continued to create music of substance. “Time Take My Life” from their fourth album, “Made In England,” exhibits their evolving sound while still maintaining a captivating atmosphere.


Taken from their phenomenal album “Death Walks Behind You,” “Gershatzer” showcases the talent of the classic Atomic Rooster lineup. John Du Cann’s mesmerizing guitar work, Vincent Crane’s mastery of the Hammond organ, and Paul Hammond’s impeccable drumming make this track a standout.

“Black Snake”

Although it’s difficult to choose just one track from their first three albums, “Black Snake” stands out as a favorite. Opening up the second side of the album, it captivates listeners with its hypnotic rhythm and atmospheric soundscapes.

“Friday 13th”

“Friday 13th” serves as the opening track on Atomic Rooster’s debut self-titled album. Released in 1970, the album features Vincent Crane on keys, Nick Graham on bass guitar, lead vocals, and flute, and the legendary Carl Palmer on drums. This track sets the tone for their powerful and distinctive sound.

“A Spoonful Of Bromide Helps The Pulse Rate Go Down”

Originally released on the album “In Hearing of Atomic Rooster,” this version appears on “Live in London 1972.” “A Spoonful Of Bromide Helps The Pulse Rate Go Down” mesmerizes with its intricate arrangements and showcases the band’s incredible live performances.


Opening the remarkable album “In Hearing of Atomic Rooster,” “Breakthrough” highlights the exceptional keyboard work of Vincent Crane. The song’s energy and dynamic shifts make it an essential track in Atomic Rooster’s catalog.

“Devil’s Answer”

This stunning track, “Devil’s Answer,” was initially released as a single in the UK and later included in the US version of “In Hearing of Atomic Rooster.” It reached number four on the UK charts, solidifying the band’s popularity. The song’s infectious energy and memorable hooks make it a standout in their discography.

“Death Walks Behind You”

The title track of their second album, “Death Walks Behind You,” epitomizes Atomic Rooster’s unique blend of progressive rock. The album garnered significant radio airplay and commercial success, cementing their place in rock history as masters of the genre.

“Tomorrow Night”

“Tommorow Night” stands as Atomic Rooster’s biggest hit and a true rock and roll masterpiece. It showcases their ability to create a captivating groove while maintaining substance. With its powerful composition and infectious energy, this track remains a timeless gem.