Relive Wishbone Ash In 1976 With ‘The King Will Come’ Performance

Relive Wishbone Ash In 1976 With ‘The King Will Come’ Performance | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Wishbone Ash became one of Britain’s most influential groups when they rose to fame in the 70s. Cited as the inspiration of Van Halen, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Iron Maiden, Metallica, and any other rock groups, the stability and skills that they have shown in their albums seem to be more than enough than one expects.

Their most famous album is their 1972 LP Argus, which contained some of the greatest songs that the group is well-known for. It was a landmark for Wishbone Ash to feature progressive rock, folk, and hard rock to their first concept album, thus giving any emerging band at this point an inspiring style for their own albums like the Iron Maiden for example.

Inside this brilliant 1976 performance of “The King Will Come” held at the Winterland, San Francisco was an experience of some sort. The band, still at the height of their fame, performed the song about the judgment day in the bible, as what bassist Martin Turner had studied.

“The checkerboard of nights and days

Man will die, man be saved

The sky will fall, the earth will pray

When judgment comes to claim its day”

And while it’s generally not a Christian song, the popularity it gets for talking about it seems to have given them a cause of their fame.

You can see the performance here.