Relive The Time The Everly Brothers Performs An Iconic Medley

Relive The Time The Everly Brothers Performs An Iconic Medley | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via The Ed Sullivan Show / Youtube

If there’s a sibling group that’s meant to be successful musically, it’s the Everly Brothers. Throughout time, Phil and Don Everly had proven that their talented selves could land a mark in the history of music. That’s exactly the case whenever they perform in the familiar stage of The Ed Sullivan Show.

Seven years later from their historical performance in the show dressed in their Marine Corps uniforms, the brothers were back once more to delivered some of the finest medleys you could ever think of in the program. It was well-remembered when the pair made their debut on The Ed Sullivan Show on June 30th, 1957. Remembering their experience on the Ed Sullivan show, Don Everly said: “When we were on the Ed Sullivan show, it was hitting really the big time because everybody in the country watched Ed Sullivan on a Sunday night.” The boys, all up in sharp suits and black guitars, rocked out to their first big hit, “Bye, Bye Love.”

And now they’re back on June 15, 1969, performing a medley their classic hits, “Bowling Green,” “Walk Right Back,” “Wake Up Little Susie,” and “Bye Bye Love.” This video is recently released from the show’s vault, so you better not miss this.

Check it out here.