Relive The Legendary ‘Get Back’ Live From Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr & Ronnie Wood

Relive The Legendary ‘Get Back’ Live From Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr & Ronnie Wood | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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To help promote his Egypt Station album, Paul McCartney toured in some parts of Europe and the US. At one point, it was a moment to remember when McCartney got a little help from his friends as he introduced his fellow Beatle Ringo Starr, along with the Rolling Stones’ guitarist Ronnie Wood to jam with him on stage. The brief supergroup was shaped to help spice up the performance of the Beatles’ classic hit, “Get Back.” Such an appropriate song to celebrate the mini-Beatle and Stones’ reunion!

The fruitful concert happened at the London’s O2 arena, where multiple celebrities were present to witness McCartney’s Freshen Up tour, spanning with the likes of Roger Daltrey, Emma Thompson, Stella McCartney, and more. The singer performed his own solo songs, in addition to some of the Wings and Beatles tracks.

Macca said something before the start of another set, “We’ve got a little surprise for you. It’s a surprise for us, actually – it only happened today.” The howling of excited fans who are expecting something huge made possible when the singer introduced Ronnie Wood to be with him on-stage. The screams got louder when the obvious drum kit was filled with the presence of Paul’s former bandmate, Ringo.

The familiar intro of the song surrounded the whole arena, as Paul sang the lyrics with the aid of the audience. The rhythmic rendition of the said song was extended for 3 more minutes, adding the excitement and nostalgic vibe that the people absolutely did not expect.

The musicians hugged in the end, and Paul blurted out: “I’m just going to let that moment sink in.” Us too, Macca, us too.