Relive Santana’s Live Version Of ‘Black Magic Woman’ In 1970

Relive Santana’s Live Version Of ‘Black Magic Woman’ In 1970 | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Black Magic Woman - SANTANA ON MV /YouTube

Rock sounds superbly good when it is incorporated with different styles, and “Black Magic Woman” is a solid proof for that. Santana’s version was a descent from the original composition of Fleetwood Mac’s Peter Green, and it makes use of the Latin textures as a touch best suited for their own style.

On the 1970 live Santana’s performance, the group executed the song by their own version fueled with mystic, voodoo-ish ambiance. Moreover, “Black Magic Woman” is a part of their quadruple-platinum album named Abraxas that became so popular due to this masterpiece.

Hailed with loud claps and praises from fans, their keyboardist Gregg Rolie sang the lyrics while the others played along with the tunes. You can easily spot the influences derived from blues, jazz, rock, and Latino influences that consist of timbales, conga, and any other music percussions that gave pleasure to the listeners. The song also became a part of a medley coming from Gabor Szabo’s hit instrumental “Gypsy Queen” that can be highlighted for its renowned musical patterns.

You can listen to the live version here.