Relive How Good The Young Rascals Were Live Back In 1966

Relive How Good The Young Rascals Were Live Back In 1966 | I Love Classic Rock Videos

The Ed Sullivan Show / Youtube

One of the Young Rascals’ classics as well as their best cover song ever to dominate the charts, “Good Lovin’” marked the rise of the boys’ booming careers and established them as one of the groups who popularized the early soul music.

“Good Lovin’” was a song originally written by Rudy Clark and Arthur Resnick and performed by the doo-wop/novelty group named the Olympics in 1965. The first version turned out to be a flop, yet it still had the lingering presence from the radio stations. Such an idea would, in turn, gave Felix Cavaliere an interest in performing the song when he first heard it on the New York Soul Station.

The Young Rascals performed their version and were met with a prosperous response, becoming a chart-topping hit. Initially, the boys never realized the outcome was huge since they thought it was terrible. Nevertheless, “Good Lovin’” was the start of their long journey as a famed boy band, and would continue to perform the song on a lot of shows, including the popular late-night program, The Ed Sullivan Show.

Back in 1966, The Young Rascals showed excitement in performing on-stage for the first time. Cavaliere sang effortlessly, all while being in front of the piano. Dino Danelli, Gene Cornish, and Eddie Brigatti also performed their instruments at the right time, with the right feeling. And that TV performance alone boosts their popularity even more.

You can watch “Good Lovin’” live at the Ed Sullivan Show here.