Relive Brian Jones’ Isolated Guitar Work For ‘Get off My Cloud’

Relive Brian Jones’ Isolated Guitar Work For ‘Get off My Cloud’ | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via Famulus / Youtube

Before his breakdown in 1969, the Rolling Stones were led by multi-instrumentalist and blues enthusiast Brian Jones. While the credit should be given to Mick Jagger and Keith Richards for penning the Stones’ hits, Jones was an integral part of the group that one shouldn’t forget.

With a moniker inspired by Muddy Waters’ 1950 hit “Rollin’ Stone,” Jones hoped to spread the blues throughout the British charts. In May of 1963, Jones led the band as they signed with Andrew Loog Oldham, the group’s first manager, and a solid producer.

The songwriting duo of Jagger and Richards really hit their stride with 1965’s “The Last Time,” “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction,” and “Get Off of My Cloud.” These original singles did exceptionally well in the charts, with “The Last Time” peaking at number one in the UK and number nine in the US. The last two are number one on both sides of the Atlantic.

“‘Get Off of My Cloud’ was basically a response to people knocking on our door asking us for the follow-up to ‘Satisfaction’,” Richards revealed. “We thought, ‘At last. We can sit back and maybe think about events.’ Suddenly there’s the knock at the door, and of course, what came out of that was ‘Get Off of My Cloud.’”

Still, one couldn’t ignore the amazing guitar work courtesy of Brian Jones. You can check out his isolated guitar work below.