Relive 5 Guitar Solos From Jeff Beck

Relive 5 Guitar Solos From Jeff Beck | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Jeff Beck live - Super280zx / Youtube

Considered as one of the prime guitarists during rock’s golden age, Jeff Beck was active on multiple projects and was known for getting other musicians involved with his material. Beck’s guitar work spans a wide spread of genres but is most known for his contribution in blues, hard, and progressive rock. Here are some of the best solos from the iconic English guitarist.

“Heart Full Of Soul” – (1965)

Jeff Beck plays along the track with an Eastern, sitar-like sound while dishing out the timeless riff, while featuring one of the first distortion-heavy solos of the time.

“Freeway Jam” – Blow by Blow (1975)

One of Beck’s best solos is in “Freeway Jam”, the virtuoso weaving his way through the instrumental like a hot knife through butter. His instrumentation is top-notch, matching his contemporaries in sheer skill and feel.

“Beck’s Bolero” – Truth (1968)

This allusion to Ravel’s classical piece has Beck dishing out some of the meanest solos around the block. The track is loaded to the gills with guitar effects, but complementing each other instead of choking each other out.

“I Ain’t Superstitious” – Truth (1968)

Howlin’ Wolf would be proud with Jeff Beck’s attempt, which was hardly an attempt but bringing the track justice with his scathing solo, that raunchy blues stinging and keeping listeners on their toes.

“Goodbye Pork Pie Hat” – Wired (1976)

Jeff Beck was more than a bluesman, as “Goodbye Pork Pie Hat” sported tasty jazz influences. He lets loose with his own arsenal of jazz-inspired licks and progressions that comprise his solo full of soul and feel.