Relive 1976 With Dan Fogelberg’s Incredible Performance Of ‘Stars’

Relive 1976 With Dan Fogelberg’s Incredible Performance Of ‘Stars’ | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Dan Fogelberg became one of the most respected artists of his era. The American musician had bumped shoulders with the likes of Eagles, Jimmy Buffet, and many more famous performers inside the music industry— a clear factor to assume that this guy knows how to make his own good catalog.

He was since been inducted in the Colorado Music Hall of Fame for his significant contributions to the industry, and a street in Peoria, Illinois is named “Fogelberg Parkway” as a tribute to his once-long career. Many of his fans adored his music for any occasion since Fogelberg loves to write about any observation he had and mirrors it to his songs.

Aside from being a studio junkie, Fogelberg dwells fine in the center stage of the arena and performed songs with his heart on his sleeve. An underrated performer, he knows how to sing the melody and feel the rhythm that surrounds it. Inside this 1976 performance of his underrated track, “Stars,” the singer could take your worries away.

Fogelberg started the mellow tune of his acoustic guitar, outwardly feeling the emotion that’s about to flow in the next few parts. His talent lies in writing his lyrics, and for “Stars,” it seems like it’s about a person who longs from an ex-love he couldn’t have anymore.

“And it’s getting easier each day

To weep about you

Harder every night to sleep without you

How many years must I be driven

By this dream

Of love with you?”

Watch the full performance here.