Ranking The Best Bob Seger Albums

Ranking The Best Bob Seger Albums | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Bob Seger for an interview with CBS - CBS This Morning / Youtube

Classic rock is synonymous with the name Bob Seger. A true-blue roots rocker, Seger has been backed by equally capable bands like Last Heard, The Bob Seger System, and the Silver Bullet Band. Seger is known for his raspy and rich vocals, full sound, and hearty performances that made audiences swoon or get them up on their feet. With almost five decades down the line of  the legendary singer-songwriter’s career, Seger has churned out 18 studio albums that have their own individual charm. With that in mind, here are some of the best catalogs by the timeless rockstar.

Seven (1974)

Released in 1974, this was the first album that tested Seger and The Silver Bullet Band’s mettle. Seger’s preference for his heavier stuff still prevailed in the album though, with tracks like “Get Out of Denver” and “Long Song Comin’” loaded with some of his bluntest social and political commentaries.


Stranger In Town (1978)

Seger’s 10th studio album in the making, Stranger In Town also saw the contribution of the Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section. One of the fastest rising albums by Seger, it contained emotional ballads without the sappy aftertaste, and arena rock anthems, making it a full sweep down Seger’s spectrum.


Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Man (1969)

Some of Seger’s most groundbreaking work in rock is in this catalog. Searing, scathing, and visceral, Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Man was one of the few examples of a debut album from a band (Bob Seger System) that deserve the all the acclaim in the industry, for firing the first decisive shot of pure energy.

Against The Wind (1980)

Seger’s fourth venture with the Silver Bullet Band was nothing short of stellar. Considering it’s the only Seger album that bagged the top spot on the charts, Against The Wind even knocked the seminal Pink Floyd album The Wall from its reign. Tracks like “Betty Lou’s Gettin’ Out Tonight” and “Her Strut” are all you need to feel the effectiveness of the album.

Night Moves (1976)

Night Moves is the masterpiece that cemented Seger as a true-blooded rock royalty, with its classic sound that pays homage to original rock n’ roll artists, while giving that twist only he could pull off. Seger’s songwriting shone the most in this album, and has enough variety to keep you hooked for the whole ride.