Randy Rhoads’ Stolen Equipment Recovered

Randy Rhoads’ Stolen Equipment Recovered | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Rany Rhoads being interviewed - 80thisvelvetglove / Youtube

With the recent news of the late Randy Rhoads’ equipment being stolen, an update said that most of the items have already been recovered. The Musonia School of Music, founded by Rhoads’ mother Delores (Randy also taught guitar here), was broken in by thieves on Thanksgiving night, leaving the main room cleared, and hauling over 40 years worth of memorabilia, family items, and many more, including Rhoads’ first-ever guitar.

Reports say a woman named Bobbi Fredriksz spotted the stolen items in a dumpster at North Hollywood, while walking her dog on an early Sunday. “As I was laying in bed, not feeling well, it came on [the TV, and] I was like, ‘Wait a minute, oh my God.’ [So] I ran all the way back over here it was still there,” she said. “Somebody else started to see it and called police,” Fredriksz said.

The police have already recovered most of the stolen stuff, including Delores Rhoads’ trumpet which she received in her childhood. Nick D’Argenzio, Rhoads’ nephew, said “The trumpet is valuable because it’s my grandmother’s. She passed away recently. This is her legacy.”

Rhoads’ first guitar remains to be missing, though, which was a 1963 Harmony Rocket. Even the Prince of Darkness pitched in to help, posting a $25,000 reward to those who could point out the suspects or lead to the retrieval of the items.

In an Instagram post, Ozzy said, “The school became something of a pilgrimage to his fans from all over the world. It is a place where the Rhoads family happily opened their hearts to share the life of Randy. As you can imagine, the items that were stolen, including Randy’s first electric guitar, are irreplaceable to the Rhoads family.”