“Purple Rain” Set To Be A Stage Musical

“Purple Rain” Set To Be A Stage Musical | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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The iconic ’80s rock film, Purple Rain, is set to make its mark on Broadway as a stage musical. The news has sparked curiosity and excitement among fans, wondering how the beloved classic will translate to the theatrical stage.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the stage adaptation of Purple Rain will boast a stellar team.

The musical will feature a score composed by the legendary Prince, whose music defined an era. Despite his passing in 2016, his influence will undoubtedly reverberate through the production. The book for the musical comes from the pen of Pulitzer-Prize finalist Branden Jacobs-Jenkins, known for his work on Broadway, including the current play Appropriate. Steering the ship as the director is Lileana Blain-Cruz, renowned for her recent work on Broadway with Skin of Our Teeth.

Originally gracing the silver screen in 1984, Purple Rain showcased Prince as the Kid, a rising rock star hailing from Minnesota. The film not only solidified Prince’s acting prowess but also delivered a soundtrack that transcended the movie itself. Hits like “Let’s Go Crazy,” “When Doves Cry,” and the titular “Purple Rain” became anthems of the era.


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The prospect of a Purple Rain musical raises questions about the casting, particularly the challenge of finding someone to step into the illustrious shoes of Prince.

The charismatic artist left an indelible mark, not just with his music but also with his magnetic stage presence. The task of filling this iconic role is undoubtedly daunting, considering the unique blend of musical talent and charisma Prince brought to the original film.

While the idea of adapting movies for the Broadway stage is not new, Purple Rain’s powerful soundtrack and compelling narrative offer a promising foundation for a successful musical. As the project unfolds, fans eagerly anticipate how the magic of Purple Rain will come alive in a new and vibrant theatrical experience. The challenge may be significant, but if anyone can do justice to the Purple Rain legacy, it’s a team of talented individuals with a passion for honoring Prince’s unparalleled contribution to music and entertainment.