Post Malone Pays Tribute To Toby Keith With “As Good as I Once Was” Cover

Post Malone Pays Tribute To Toby Keith With “As Good as I Once Was” Cover | I Love Classic Rock Videos


Country music fans were deeply saddened by the passing of Toby Keith earlier this year. Though the legendary singer’s voice is gone, his music continues to resonate.

In a touching tribute, rapper and singer Post Malone recently performed a cover of Keith’s signature song, “As Good as I Once Was”. 

Malone’s rendition, while unlikely to perfectly capture Keith’s one-of-a-kind baritone, is sure to be a heartfelt commemoration of the country music icon.

Giving American Rodeo a boost

Post Malone brought the energy to the American Rodeo with the aforementioned rendition of Toby Keith’s classic song. Videos show Malone rocking out onstage, his infectious enthusiasm fueling the crowd.

But the performance wasn’t all about fun. Malone also took a moment to pay tribute to the late country legend.

In a touching gesture, Malone raised a red Solo cup – a signature symbol of Keith – and poured out a drink in his memory. He then took a swig himself, a simple yet powerful act of respect for the country music icon. The performance resonated with fans online, who praised Malone for his unique take on the song and his ability to consistently defy expectations throughout his career.

Fans react to Post Malone’s performance

Post Malone’s recent performance left fans raving about his ability to seamlessly blend genres. One fan commented on his unique talent, saying, “Post Malone is a very rare person to be able to fit naturally into so many styles and genres of music.”

This sentiment was echoed by another who expressed a desire for a full country album, saying, “I want an album where Post sings every country song ever made.”

Malone’s Texas roots also came into play, with another fan jokingly reminding everyone of his background: “I think people forget Post grew up in Dallas TEXAS lol, he’s got country in em, we all do.” 

Post hints at a future country project

Post Malone has been keeping fans guessing about a potential country album. In a previous statement, he hinted at a more spontaneous approach, saying, “I think I’ll do it whenever the time is right in the studio. And I’m just vibing, f–king around. I think it’ll be a fun time [and] I just like creating stuff and making everything.”

On The Howard Stern Show, Malone reiterated his freedom to pursue country music whenever he feels like it. “To be honest, there’s nothing stopping me from taking a camera or setting up in my studio in Utah and just recording a country album [to put] on YouTube.”

He went on, “I’m allowed to do that. I’m a human being,” he said. This playful defiance highlights his desire to create without limitations, potentially paving the way for a surprise country project down the line.

“If I get another year to myself, maybe I’ll make a freaking country album”

While fans eagerly await a full country album, Post admits it requires juggling his various commitments. “I split my time between a lot of different things,” he explained.

“There’s touring and showing love to the fans, then there’s writing music and making beats by myself, and of course, taking care of my family. It’s all about finding the space to fit everything in,” the rapper added.

Malone doesn’t rule out the possibility, though. “If I get another year to myself,” he said, “maybe I’ll make a freaking country album.”  This suggests a potential future project, but for now, fans will have to satisfy their cravings with his energetic live renditions of classics like Toby Keith’s “As Good as I Once Was.”