Pop Star Zayn Malik Enters Rock With Jimi Hendrix Cover

Pop Star Zayn Malik Enters Rock With Jimi Hendrix Cover | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via Jimi Hendrix / Twitter

In music, there’s no such thing as setting boundaries. In the history of the music industry, there have been a number of courageous names that have transitioned from one genre to another. Some of the efforts have been effective, while others have been faced with a significant amount of hostility. We’ll show you a clip of current pop star Zayn Malik singing a cover version of Jimi Hendrix’s “Angel.”

There is very little information available regarding the project; all that has been made public thus far is a video that was posted on the official Jimi Hendrix Instagram and Twitter accounts. The names Zayn Malik and Jimi Hendrix appeared at the beginning of the teaser video, which also features gradually increasing crowd noise in the backdrop. The song “Angel” by Jimi Hendrix, which was released posthumously on his album The Cry of Love in 1971, follows with an introduction played an electric guitar.

Before this unexpected turn of events, the former One Direction star was already working on a variety of projects within the music business, despite the fact that his popularity was lower than it had been when he first appeared. We’ll only hope for the best in what’s to come with this unexpected collab!

Check out the clip here.