Phil Mogg Confirms UFO Is Done and Out

Phil Mogg Confirms UFO Is Done and Out | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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For fans of classic hard rock, there’s some bittersweet news. Phil Mogg, the legendary frontman of UFO, has confirmed that the band is calling it quits.

This comes after years of rocking stages worldwide and leaving a lasting impact on the genre. In a recent interview, Mogg acknowledged that UFO has reached its natural conclusion.

While the news may sting for some, Mogg reflects on a successful final tour. He points to their 2019 UK tour, just before the world went into lockdown due to COVID-19, as a fitting farewell. It seems the timing aligned perfectly, marking a successful end to UFO’s incredible journey.

Farewell Tour Cut Short

UFO’s grand finale didn’t quite go according to plan. Originally intended as a celebratory event for their 50th anniversary, the band embarked on a farewell tour in 2019. The tour was slated to culminate in a final performance on October 29th, 2022, in Athens, Greece.

However, fate intervened just two months before the supposed conclusion. Mogg suffered a heart attack. This medical emergency required surgery with the implantation of stents. Following doctor’s orders, Mogg was forced to step away from performing, effectively putting an end to UFO’s touring days.

With Mogg unable to participate, the remaining farewell tour dates were canceled and never rescheduled. Sadly, a concert in Germany on July 16th, 2022, now serves as UFO’s final performance, marking an unexpected and somewhat muted end to their illustrious career.

A Legacy of Hard Rock

Formed in London in 1968, UFO carved a unique path in the history of rock music. They bridged the gap between early hard rock and the heavier sounds of heavy metal, paving the way for the New Wave of British Heavy Metal.

Throughout their career, the band saw numerous lineup changes, with Phil Mogg remaining the sole constant member. Notably, UFO disbanded three times –  between 1983 and 1984, 1989 and 1991, and finally in 2024.

Despite the lineup shifts, UFO remained prolific. Their impressive output includes 22 studio albums, 14 live recordings, 16 compilations, and even a covers album.

Their commercial success peaked in the late 70s and early 80s, with multiple albums and singles breaking into the UK and US Top 40 charts, including the iconic live album Strangers in the Night (1979). With over 20 million records sold worldwide, UFO’s influence extends far beyond their chart success, securing their place as a legendary hard rock band.

UFO Revisits a Classic

The band recently released an expanded reissue of their iconic 1977 album, Lights Out. This new edition is a treasure trove for devotees, featuring not only the original masterpiece but also alternate versions of the tracks. To top it all off, the reissue includes a newly-mixed recording of UFO’s very first performance on the Lights Out tour, capturing the raw energy of the band live.

The impact of producer Ron Nevison, who helmed the original Lights Out recording, is also revisited. Fresh off his success with The Who’s Quadrophenia, Nevison brought a new perspective to UFO’s sound.

In a recent interview, Mogg fondly recalls how Nevison’s experience and professionalism “changed things up” for UFO. With a chuckle, he describes Nevison’s ability to handle the band’s dynamic, particularly bassist Pete Way. Ultimately, Mogg emphasizes the positive impact Nevison had on the band, praising his fresh ideas and different way of working, which UFO readily embraced.