Phil Campbell Reveals Why He Didn’t Go To Lemmy’s Funeral

Phil Campbell Reveals Why He Didn’t Go To Lemmy’s Funeral | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via TC Electronic / Youtube

Former Motörhead guitarist Phil Campbell discussed Lemmy Kilmister’s final days and death in a recent interview with Myglobalmind. He also gave reasons for his absence at the burial of the late singer.

According to Campbell, the group was aware of the gravity of the situation, but they had no idea that it would mark their final days with Lemmy Kilmister.

“Yeah, we knew, but Lem wanted to just carry on then. I know the last tour in Germany; I think one or two shows were canceled ’cause I ended up in [the] hospital. And I came back out, and we finished the tour. And that was the last tour then; the last show was in Berlin.”

He went on to say that the news of the vocalist’s death caught them off guard and that he was unable to attend the burial because of a serious medical problem that had landed him in the hospital that year.

“So, the last week of Motörhead, actually, I was the one in [the] bloody hospital. But we never thought — when we parted at the end of the tour, we never thought that would be the last time we’d see each other. We didn’t have a chance to say goodbye, me or Mikkey, or nothing. I couldn’t even go over to the funeral ’cause my doctor advised me not to, ‘cause I was pretty ill myself in them days.”

Campbell remembers his late friend Lemmy Kilmister all too fondly in his interviews, which makes up for all the things he missed out on for his dear friend.