Peter Gabriel Warns Us About Humanity’s Survival

Peter Gabriel Warns Us About Humanity’s Survival | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via Peter Gabriel / Youtube

Former Genesis frontman Peter Gabriel is well-known for his outspoken support of many different causes. The battle for environmental protection has always been one of his priorities, and so, in light of widespread environmental destruction, Gabriel recently shared his concerns on Twitter.

In a recent video, Gabriel offered his followers a fresh perspective on the planet’s environmental catastrophe and encouraged them to examine their own place in the world. He alluded to the idea that Earth is a life-giving organism that is in danger due to human actions.

“I think one of the things that give us a better chance of survival through climate, and all the rest, is the realization that we are part of nature and that the planet gave us birth,” Gabriel said.[It] is our mother, and we need to look after it. Our selfish, independent desires are destroying it.”

Peter Gabriel, in his efforts to increase consciousness, cautioned listeners against the dangers of excessive individualism and reliance on oneself. His statements were a subtle criticism of people’s inclination to prioritize their own wants over the requirements of the community and the environment.

Check out the tweet below.