Peter Criss Express Disappointment In KISS’ Final Show

Peter Criss Express Disappointment In KISS’ Final Show | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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In a recent exclusive interview with 94.7 WCSX, Peter Criss, former drummer of KISS, shared his thoughts on the band’s final concerts and dismissed Gene Simmons’ statements regarding their alleged invitation.

Expressing a mix of gratitude and disappointment, Criss reflected on the conclusion of KISS.

Criss began by acknowledging the incredible journey with KISS, stating,

“It’s hard to believe it’s over. I’m truly touched by it. There were so many glorious years and the four of us created some really fun tunes and have the most incredible fan base a band could ever have.”

Thanking the KISS Army for the years of support, Criss expressed his appreciation, saying,

“Thank you KISS Army for the life that you gave me and the life that you gave all of us in KISS.”

However, disappointment crept in as Peter Criss revealed his sadness over not being invited, along with Ace Frehley, Bruce Kulick, and Vinnie Vincent, to perform a few songs in New York as a gesture of appreciation.

Criss shared,

“[I’m] in a good place in my life and very happy and very proud of what the four founding fathers of KISS created.”


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Despite the disappointment, Criss remained grateful for the journey

He stated:

“It’s truly a blessing. There’s not much more a musician or artist could ask for than what God has blessed us with. And now the end is here. To quote our dear late manager Bill Aucoin, ‘onward and upward.'”

Addressing Simmons’ invitation for the final shows, Criss expressed his disappointment, stating,

“I don’t know what to say about that… But it’s always welcome.”

Simmons had previously explained that despite personal issues leading to Frehley and Criss leaving the band, they were welcome to join the final KISS concerts. However, in response, Frehley supported Criss, mentioning that the alleged invitations were merely used to sell tickets. Frehley also noted that Paul Stanley made negative remarks about them, suggesting they would ruin the farewell show if they performed.