Paul Simon Talks About How Losing His Hearing Made Him Wrote “Seven Psalms”

Paul Simon Talks About How Losing His Hearing Made Him Wrote “Seven Psalms” | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Renowned musician Paul Simon recently made his inaugural appearance on The Howard Stern Show, delving into various aspects of his storied career and shedding light on his latest project, Seven Psalms. The interview covered a spectrum of topics, from the breakup of Simon & Garfunkel to the inspiration behind some of his timeless hits.

One focal point of the discussion was the enduring legacy of “The Sound Of Silence,” a song that has evolved in meaning over the years.

Simon expressed his gratitude for the song’s ability to transcend time, stating, “Somehow that song has changed its meaning over the years. It’s different. That’s good luck for me that that happened, you know?”

Simon also commended Disturbed’s cover of “The Sound Of Silence,” appreciating the band’s rendition. He went on to mention that he reached out to Disturbed’s David Draiman to convey his admiration for their accomplished version of the track.


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The conversation took a more personal turn as Simon shared details about losing hearing in his left ear.

Describing the gradual process and an unsuccessful procedure meant to improve his hearing, Simon revealed that the experience served as the impetus for his latest project, Seven Psalms.

“It was gradual, but then I had a procedure which was supposed to improve it but, in fact, took all the hearing away,” Simon explained, highlighting the challenges he faced with hearing loss and how it influenced the creation of Seven Psalms.

Seven Psalms, released a few months (May 19, 2023) before the interview, highlights his enduring creativity and adaptability. The project reflects his ability to channel personal experiences, such as hearing loss, into meaningful and soulful musical expressions.

Watch the interview below: