Paul McCartney Told A Secret About ‘Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds’ To Taylor Swift

Paul McCartney Told A Secret  About ‘Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds’ To Taylor Swift | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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The Beatles’ iconic song “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” has long puzzled listeners with its mystical vibe. Recently, Paul McCartney shared a fascinating secret about the song with none other than Taylor Swift. Interestingly, McCartney’s approach to crafting the track isn’t so different from Swift’s method of writing her own music. Additionally, John Lennon debunked a common misconception about the song’s meaning.

Taylor Swift’s Creative Process

In a candid interview with Rolling Stone in 2020, Swift and McCartney engaged in a revealing conversation. Swift opened up about her creative process, confessing that she often incorporates her favorite words into her songs, even if they aren’t typically heard on the radio. Some of her beloved words include “marzipan,” “divorcée,” “elegies,” and “epiphany.” She shared that she keeps extensive lists of words she loves and often looks through books for inspiration.

McCartney then revealed that he included the word “kaleidoscope” in “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” simply because he liked it. This sheds light on the mysterious lyric about “kaleidoscope eyes” in the song. Swift, delighted by this revelation, exclaimed,

“‘Kaleidoscope’ is one of [my favorite words]!”

She shared that she, too, had used the word in her own song,

“Welcome to New York,” from her album “1989.”

McCartney’s Songwriting Philosophy and Lennon’s Clarification

In the interview, McCartney also discussed his approach to songwriting, emphasizing the importance of words in conveying meaningful messages to listeners. He expressed a desire to create songs that offer solace and inspiration to those who may be struggling.

“I often feel like I’m writing to someone who is not doing so well,” he explained, adding, “So I’m trying to write songs that might help.”

Contrary to popular belief, John Lennon clarified in a 1980 interview that “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” was not about drugs, despite speculation fueled by the song’s initials spelling out “LSD.” Instead, Lennon revealed that the song was inspired by a passage from Lewis Carroll’s “Through the Looking-Glass,” where Alice takes a boat ride. He explained that the song represented his longing for a woman who would bring salvation, a sentiment that he later associated with Yoko Ono, his future wife.

In essence, McCartney’s revelation about “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” to Taylor Swift sheds light on his love for language and wordplay, a sentiment that Swift echoes in her own music. Through their respective songs, both artists aim to connect with listeners on a deeper level, offering comfort and inspiration through the power of words and music.