Paul McCartney Had Theory About John Lennon’s Disappearance

Paul McCartney Had Theory About John Lennon’s Disappearance | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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It’s not unusual for artists in the music industry to disappear from view for lengthy stretches of time in order to recharge their creative batteries. The motivations behind these choices are as unique as the musicians who make them.

The Beatles became an international sensation and propelled every member to prominence. Their ground-breaking sound, original songwriting, and magnetic stage presence won over listeners all over the world. They had achieved the pinnacle of fame and fortune, going well beyond their musical genre to become a significant cultural influence. But with the massive success they made, came the consequences of freedom.

One of the most important artists in history, John Lennon of the Beatles, once disappeared from the limelight for five years. The circumstances surrounding his disappearance were a mystery. Many people, including his ex-bandmate Paul McCartney, speculated on the reasons for his isolation. The singer theorized that his former bandmate could have vanished on purpose to get away from the stress of fame and rediscover his own identity. Lennon’s reaction to this hypothesis, however, wouldn’t come until an interview with Newsweek in 1980.

During the course of the discussion, he learned of McCartney’s theory and responded negatively to it, saying that the two did not get along well.

“What the hell does that mean?” Lennon said. “Paul [McCartney] didn’t know what I was doing – he was as curious as everyone else. It’s [been] ten years since I really communicated with him. I know as much about him as he does about me, which is zilch. About two years ago, he turned up at the door. I said, ‘Look, do you mind ringin’ first? I’ve just had a hard day with the baby. I’m worn out, and you’re walkin’ in with a damn guitar!”

“If you know your history, it took us a long time to have a live baby. And I wanted to give five solid years to Sean. I hadn’t seen Julian, my first son [with ex-wife Cynthia], grow up at all. And now there’s a 17-year-old man on the phone talkin’ about motorbikes.”

In the end, the real reason John Lennon disappeared for five years was a very human and private one. To be more present for his kid than he had been for his older child, he made the decision to put his family first.

“I sent Sean to kindergarten. When I realized I was sending him there to get rid of him, I let him come home… If I don’t give him attention at 5, then I’m going to have to give him double doses of it in his teenage years. It’s owed.”