Paul McCartney And David Gilmour Deliver A Beatles Classic

Paul McCartney And David Gilmour Deliver A Beatles Classic | I Love Classic Rock Videos

David Gilmour and Paul McCartney at the Cavern Club, 1999 - Pedro B / Youtube

Paul McCartney has gone a long way from his Beatles days, eventually forming the band Wings, and then going on for a solo career. Macca, as he’s fondly called, showed incredible activity even after his heyday, still writing songs and releasing albums to date. McCartney is indeed a child of music, which he is virtually tied to as a basic function, much like breathing. Still the jolly soul fans knew since the Beatles era, Paul McCartney continues to charm the world with his wit and music.

Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour shares the same passion. After Pink Floyd disbanded, Gilmour sought to continue performing, and perform he did. Gilmour even brought Pink Floyd together for one last show for Live 8, on 2005. Since then, Gilmour has had show here and there, performing Pink Floyd’s material, some originals, and some covers thrown in the mix.

Imagine what would happen if these two legends united for a live performance? That’s exactly what happened at the Cavern Club on 1999, with McCartney being joined by Gilmour, and another big name, Ian Paice of Deep Purple, for an exciting night of music. Click on the video below to enjoy the performance!